10 Simple Tips For Healthy Sweating

A sauna strengthens the immune system and ensures relaxation – especially after sports. Here we explain ten basic rules so that it becomes your ultimate pleasure.

Sauna means wellness for body and mind – the perfect time out for you. The muscles relax, your thoughts come to rest, and the metabolism is stimulated.

There are many other reasons why you should treat yourself to this break now and then.

In the sauna, there are a few rules to follow so that the effect is holistic and you feel good all around.

This Is How The Proper Sauna Works

Drink Enough

Drink enough before the sauna, especially if you have done sports beforehand! If possible, do not drink any liquid between sauna sessions – this will disturb the detoxification process. Only then fill up with plenty of water and juices again!

Come Down

If you go to the sauna immediately after exercising, ensure your heart rate drops a little (in any case, below 100 beats/min). You are eating something small (bar, banana, etc.) after exercise is also advisable so that the stomach is not empty.

Shower Beforehand

Shower thoroughly before the sauna! Preferably even with shampoo and shower gel – because you probably won’t get dirty in the sauna anymore, sweat is water-soluble, and you shouldn’t treat your skin with care products after the sauna.

Take Your Time

Take your time! Taking a sauna is a time-out to reduce stress and do your body good. So avoid rushing and try to enjoy the time. Two to three sauna sessions of 8-15 minutes each are ideal. More gear does not increase the health effects.

Not Eating

Nothing should be eaten in the sauna. Also, large meals just beforehand are best avoided. The energy is needed for sweating and should not be used for digestion. However, a visit to the sauna is also not advisable on an empty stomach, as this can lead to circulatory problems.

Pay Attention To The Circuit

It is best to lie flat in the sauna so that your entire body is in one temperature zone! It would help if you sat down about two minutes before the end of the sauna session so that you don’t overtax your circulation when you get up.

Take An Ice-Cold Shower

For your health, take an ice-cold shower immediately after each sauna session, from your arms and legs to the center of your body. After that, fresh air is good. As soon as you shiver, it would help if you went back into the warmth or wrapped yourself up warm (e.g. in a bathrobe).

Get Enough Rest

Rest 10 to 15 minutes between sauna sessions (preferably in a separate relaxation room). Warm foot baths are also pleasant and suitable for the blood vessels.


Make sure that you sit or lie on the towel in the sauna and that sweat does not drip onto the wood!

Observe Etiquette

The sauna is a wellness relaxation zone. The Finns even say that one must behave the same way as in church. So: Don’t talk – switch off!

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