10 Tips To Live Well The 1st Trimester Of Pregnancy

You have just learned the great news: expecting a happy event! You are delighted and want to experience a serene and harmonious pregnancy. You seek advice to get through the first trimester without suffering from all the hormonal changes… We thought of you! Here are 10 wellness tips for the first trimester of pregnancy.

Take Care Of Your Skin

To be happy and fulfilled during the first trimester of pregnancy, you must take the time to pamper yourself. Exfoliate regularly to energize skin cells . This will strengthen the skin’s supporting tissue and reduce the risk of stretch marks in the third trimester. To perform an effective peeling:

  • Rub the epidermis with a little product using circular movements.
  • Pay particular attention to the stomach, hips, and upper thighs.
  • Rinse your body with clear water before moisturizing it with a cream specifically developed for pregnant women.

Avoid Dark Circles

Do you think you look bad? Massage your face with vegetable oil to drain and detoxify the skin. You can use a few drops of rose oil or sweet almond oil. Do not hesitate to gently pass an ice cube every morning on your swollen eyelids to decongest your eyes. Then apply a concealer designed for pregnant women that contains arnica. All you have to do is pat the contour of your eyes with the pulp of your fingers to optimize lymphatic drainage.

Correct Your Posture

With the onset of pregnancy, you feel particularly tired, and your ligaments hurt. Do you tend to get bad posture by dropping your shoulders and hunching your back? It’s time to change this habit and adopt a good attitude. For what? Because a well-positioned body can limit certain discomforts such as heavy legs, back pain, or cramps. Want to know what the ideal position is? It’s easy! Just tilt your pelvis forward, keeping your back straight and your shoulders low. Try not to arch your loins too much to counterbalance the weight of your belly.

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Remember To Hydrate Yourself

Staying hydrated during pregnancy is important! It will help if you drink plenty of water regularly. Do you need help staying hydrated? Prepare some easy-to-carry flavored water bottles by adding a few pieces of cucumber or fresh lemon juice to your drink and set yourself certain rituals to get back to drinking water. For example, you can set a reminder on your smartphone or stick a sticky note on your computer screen.

Exercise Every Day

For some time now, you have been feeling particularly tired! You don’t feel like going for a jog or going to the swimming pool, and you prefer to stay comfortably bundled up under a blanket in front of your favorite series. However, it would help if you did not remain inactive during this first trimester of your pregnancy to avoid weight gain and loss of tone. Do you want to know the best sports to practice during pregnancy? It’s easy! You can do aqua gym, daily walk, yoga, soft gym, etc. As you will understand, you can do many physical activities if you avoid combat and extreme sports!

Get A Full Night’s Sleep

Under the influence of hormones that run through your body day and night, you feel particularly tired; it’s normal! Your body undergoes major transformations, and progesterone causes a sudden effect against which you cannot fight. It’s time to take care of yourself and change your sleeping habits by going to bed earlier.

In this case, do some gentle gymnastics before bed or take a hot bath. You can even make yourself chamomile tea to relax. Once lying in your bed, take the time to breathe, inhaling slowly and then pausing before exhaling. Repeat this exercise for a few minutes, then slip into the arms of Morpheus.

Cure Your Nausea

Is nausea giving you a hard time during this first trimester of pregnancy? It’s the hormones that run through your veins in large quantities. Rest assured, you can ease your morning sickness by taking the time to get up. You will understand you should not jump out of bed as soon as the alarm clock rings. Open your eyes at your own pace and mute the ringer, then lie down for a few minutes before gently straightening up. Then drink a glass of water in very small sips. And only when you feel ready, get up quietly.

Decipher Beauty Product Labels

Did you know? Many beauty products are not recommended for pregnant women. For what? Because they contain endocrine disruptors that could cross the skin barrier and contaminate your baby. That’s not all! It would help if you banned all cosmetics that contain essential oils in their formula. These may be the active ingredients present in the product or the fragrances used to make the mixture more pleasant.

Prevent Stretch Marks

During the first trimester of pregnancy, you must learn how to prevent stretch marks. For this, buy an oil developed for this purpose and perform regular massages. You can apply your miraculous oil morning and evening if you wish. In any case, your skin must remain supple and hydrated. Don’t like oily substances? No problem! You can fall for natural shea butter, a pharmaceutical cream for pregnant women, or a calendula balm.

Beware Of The Sun

Pregnant women are subject to the influence of their hormones. These biochemical bombs modify the entire organism, and the skin takes on melanin. What is it about? Melanin is a natural substance that colors the skin when exposed to the sun. As you will have understood, this gives your body a pretty golden color in summer.

During pregnancy, things get complicated, and the abundance of melanin leads to an ungraceful phenomenon: the “mask of pregnancy.” In a way, hyperpigmentation manifests itself by brown or grayish spots on the forehead, the cheekbones, and all around the mouth. To avoid the pregnancy mask, buy a sunscreen cream specially formulated for pregnant women.

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