12 Tips To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Perfume is the little personal touch often added at the end of the morning routine. But sometimes, after just a few hours, it completely flew away. Exit the misconceptions about the fact that your skin does not hold perfume, or that this fragrance is not made for you! There are tips to make your perfume last longer, and we tell you everything in this article!

1. Hydrate your skin

If this is one of the most important steps to display beautiful skin, incidentally, hydrating yourself will also allow your perfume to last longer. If you perfume yourself after putting on the cream, the fragrances will be picked up by the fatty substance of the cream, and the smell will stay on the skin longer. Which is not the case if you perfume directly on dry skin!

2. Add Oil

The trick is based on the same principle as with the moisturizer. Body oils are ideal for making your perfume last longer, so do not hesitate to use them! Place a little vegetable oil (preferably unscented) on the areas of the body you want to perfume, and spray your fragrance afterwards. It will last much longer than on dry skin , and your epidermis will thank you too!

3. Use Petroleum Jelly

This is a proven trick! Because it’s packed with occlusive actives, petroleum jelly helps your skin retain more scent . You just have to put a small dose of Vaseline in the palm of your hand, mix, and rub the places you want to perfume. Let it penetrate your skin well, and then perfume yourself. Hold guaranteed!

4. Choose your Perfume well

If everyone can wear perfume, it is also true that certain skin types retain perfumes more easily than others, and that it may be good to take this into account. As the skin is a living, breathing and transpiring organ, this can influence the way it retains scent. If your skin tends to retain odors easily, do not hesitate to go for an eau de toilette, because it will last longer on you.

You should know that on average, an eau de toilette is composed of aromatic essences up to 7 to 12%. The eau de parfum is concentrated between 12 and 20% , while the perfume displays a rate that varies between 20 and 40% .

5. Know where to put it

Here is an aspect of perfume storage that is often overlooked: the place it occupies. Be aware that humidity and heat, which are very present in a bathroom, have the effect of reducing the quality of your perfume and decomposing it. To avoid this phenomenon, store your perfume in a dry place, away from light and heat, and preferably away from windows.

6. Turn to Amber Scents

If you have the impression that your perfume lacks staying power, or that its smell tends to fade quickly, you can opt for amber perfumes . Indeed, these are known to give off a much more powerful smell than sweet perfumes. So there’s no need to reapply perfume all day long, once will be enough!

7. Be Strategic

It is well known that on the body, there are places more favorable than others to retain perfume. So use this knowledge and strategically choose the “hot” areas of your body , the ones that retain the fragrances longer. These are the neck, décolletage, behind the ears, and inside the elbows. You can also perfume your ankles and the back of your knees.

8. Perfume your Brush

Hair is also an excellent ally when it comes to making a perfume last longer. But don’t spray your perfume directly on them: you could dry them out and damage them with the alcohol. Instead, spray the perfume on your hairbrush, they will be scented sparingly, but all over, and won’t smudge!

9. Stop Friction

It’s a common gesture that it would be good to stop as soon as possible: rubbing your wrists after spraying perfume on them. Contrary to popular belief, this gesture helps to make the scent disappear faster than normal!

10. Perfume your Clothes

If you want to make your perfume last longer, spraying your perfume directly on it is a good idea. Spray a little in your cupboards and drawers, textile fibers retain odors longer. Be careful all the same with cashmere, silk, and white clothes, which could be stained.

11. Opt for a Solid Perfume

Solid perfumes are much more concentrated than classic perfumes. They are most often found in balms, and are much easier to transport in your handbag. You only have to apply a little, to smell good all day long!

12. Mix Associated Products

One last smart tip: don’t hesitate to mix the products associated with your perfume. Today, more and more brands are releasing complete ranges of derivative products: body cream, shower gel, deodorant, etc. Use them to make the smell of your perfume last longer, you will smell good from morning to night!

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