13 Tips To Getting Ready Faster

Hit snooze one too many times and now you have to hurry out the door ASAP? We’ve all been there, waking up suddenly and realizing there’s no time to spare. But whether you were up late burning the midnight oil studying or just didn’t get good sleep, you still want to look your absolute best. How do you get ready for the day as fast as possible? Here are 13 tips to getting ready faster, so you can reach your destination on time and still look amazingly cute.

1. Pull Your Hair Back and Accessorize

If you ever wake up and know it will be a bad hair day, why fight it? Instead, just pull your strands back into a top knot or a ponytail and add some cute accessories. For example, scrunchies have come full circle and are totally back in style, no longer a piece of nostalgia hidden in your 80s Caboodle box. Alternatively, you can hide any oily or greasy-looking roots with a cute headband or smooth out frizzy or unmanageable areas with bobby pins or trendy hair clips.

2. Use an In-Shower Moisturizing Lotion

Don’t have time for the whole showering, drying, and then lotioning it up rigamarole? Combine a few tasks and use an in-shower moisturizing lotion while cleaning up. After lathering up with a body cleanser, apply a moisturizing lotion that offers a hydrating formula. Besides, the heat and humidity from the shower open up all your pores, allowing your skin to absorb all that it can. Not only is this a great way to get smooth skin, but it will eliminate an extra task.

3. Wash Your Hair with a Cleansing Conditioner

Have you heard of cleansing conditioners? Unlike a two-in-one shampoo conditioner, a cleansing conditioner is a new hair care product designed to do both. Made up of a quarter of shampoo and three-quarters of conditioner, it cleans your hair while offering all the nutrition it needs. More than that, cleansing conditioners work just as well as using both, offering a formula that is sulfate-free and even hair-color-friendly.

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4. Use a Super-Absorbent Microfiber Towel to Dry Your Hair


As you step out of the shower, wrap your hair up into a super-absorbent microfiber towel. This kind of moisture-wicking towel will allow your hair to dry while you tackle other things like going through your skincare regimen and will even cut your drying time in half, getting you ready faster than ever.

5. Choose a Multi-Purpose Foundation or Beauty Balm

The next time you need to replenish your foundation, choose something that offers a multipurpose base that can help you target different areas of the skin. This way, when you’re doing your skincare routine, you can eliminate steps, giving yourself more time for other things. But don’t just pick any multi-purpose foundation. Seek out one with hydrating glycerin and antioxidants Vitamin C and E that will give you glowing skin and protect it from age-causing free radicals.

6. Choose a Ready-Made EyeShadow Palette

Have too many shade options when it comes to eye shadow? Instead of wasting time choosing a combination each morning, consider picking a neutral palette that goes with everything. Furthermore, pick an eyeshadow palette that offers a premade color combination for your eyelid, crease and brow bone. Then all you have to do is add mascara and eyeliner.

7. Add a Punch with Red Lipstick

Don’t have time for a complete makeup application? Add a pop of color with red lipstick. Red lipstick offers a glamorous, classy look that can detract from a lack of foundation or eyeliner and make it appear like you spent hours in front of the mirror.

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8. Add Color to Your Cheeks with the Lipstick

While you still have your lipstick out, add a little color to your cheeks instead of breaking out the cream blush. Now remember: If it’s a bright red, a little goes a long way. Just dab the tip of the lipstick and spread it on with your fingers.

9. Choose Cream Cosmetics


Speaking of cream blushes, cream cosmetics are generally a wiser choice. With a cream cosmetic, you can apply foundation, blush eyeshadow and more without needing to find a specific brush or tool buried in your drawer. A bonus? You don’t have to wash your brushes, eliminating the chance for bacteria built-up. Just remember to wash your hands before each application.

10. Take a Shower the Night Before and Braid Your Hair

One of the best tips for getting ready faster the following day is simply taking a shower the night before. An evening shower not only helps you relax before bed but can give you time to braid your hair, so that when you wake up the following day, you have some beachy waves. Of course, the smaller braids you make, the more curls you’ll have! Then, all you have to do is set it with some hairspray before grabbing the car keys and heading out the door.

11. Curl Your Lashes and Whip on Some Mascara

Like adding red lipstick, adding mascara to your eyes can do a lot. So if you’re really pressed for time, at the very least apply a coat or two of mascara on curled lashes. Yes, take the time to curl your lashes. They will make your eyes appear brighter and more alert.

12. Revive Your Bedhead with a Shine and Texturizing Spray

When you wake up with a bedhead, flat and dull or with cowlicks curls, give it a spritz of aerosol texturizing sprays. Flip your head upside down and let your locks dangle to get that extra volume. If you have curly hair, an aerosol shine spray works wonders. Curls are relatively dense and absorb light. A shine spray gives your curls an extra layer of molecules that reflects light and gives them a healthy, rejuvenated appearance without using a shower cap or sleeping bonnet. You could go a step further and refresh your look by putting your hair up in a cute scrunchie!

13. Use Concealer Around Your Eyes

Instead of adding a highlighter to the corners of your eyes, just use your concealer. While a highlighter works great to give you a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed look, the same thing can be achieved with a lighter concealer, lightening up any dark areas.

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