14 Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar At Home

Do you know the numerous ideas of juice vinegar? This modest item is reasonable for your well-being and ideal for keeping up with the house from floor to roof. That is not all! You can utilize this regular resource to deal with your nursery. The following are 14 methods for using apple juice vinegar at home!

Fertilize The Plants

Are you aware? A few plants especially value the causticity of the dirt. This is the situation for radishes, potatoes, peppers… Uplifting news! You can utilize a little apple juice vinegar to enhance the ground. Add a couple of drops of this item to the watering water; that is all there is to it!

Sanitize Terracotta Pots

Do you want to prevent mold from growing in your terracotta pots? In this case, wash them with water and a little apple cider vinegar. No need to rinse! Simply let your pottery dry in the sun when you finish cleaning it.

Make Plant Leaves Shine

Are you looking for a gentle and effective solution to dust the leaves of your houseplants? Pour one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a bowl of cool water. All you have to do is clean the leaves gently with this mixture and admire the result!

Relieve Heartburn

Does your stomach hurt? Are you woken up in the middle of the night by burning and soreness? Prepare this magic potion: 1 tablespoon of cider vinegar in a glass of water. You will quickly be relieved.

Deeply Cleanses The Skin

Is your skin prone to imperfections? Clean your face with a cotton pad soaked in cider vinegar before rinsing it with clear water. Finally, apply your favorite moisturizer.

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Relieve Wasp Stings

Here’s a tip you need to remember! Apple cider vinegar is excellent when trying to soothe the pain caused by wasp stings. That’s not all! It is also an effective product for relieving the burn of sunburn. Are you intrigued? Apply a compress of pure cider vinegar to the area to be treated, and let the magic happen!

Drive The Ants Out Of The House

Do ants invade your kitchen? You don’t need a chemical product to eliminate these little invaders… Use apple cider vinegar instead!

To repel the ants, you must locate their favorite passageway. Then spray all these areas with the undiluted vinegar and let dry. You will love this tip!

Clean The Pet Bed

Does your dog or cat have fleas? Once you have treated the animal, use apple cider vinegar mixed with water to clean its cushions and blankets. With this tip, you are sure to destroy eggs and larvae effectively!

Make A Skin Lotion

Do you dream of soft, velvety skin? This tip is for you! Mix a few drops of apple cider vinegar with mineral water in a glass bottle. Congratulations! You have just made an ecological and healthy beauty lotion!

Make Hair Shine Brightly

Here is the beauty secret of our grandmothers… To have mermaid hair, mix a little cider vinegar in the last rinse water when you shampoo. The natural product eliminates all traces of limestone and tightens the scales of the hair fiber. The result? Soft and shiny hair, worthy of the most remarkable salons!

Relieve Sore Throat

Apple cider vinegar has no equal to soothing a sore throat! Have you had a cold? Pour 10 ml of vinegar into 10 ml of water and mix everything. All you have to do is use this mixture to gargle with. You will be quickly relieved because this inexpensive product is a natural disinfectant.

Clean The Bathroom

Do you dream of a dazzling bathroom? Grab a bottle of cider vinegar and a sponge; you will use this natural active ingredient to remove all traces of limescale that tarnish the shower walls, faucets, sink, or tiles. Lime resists you? Heat the vinegar for a few moments in the microwave to increase its effectiveness. Once your cleaning is done, you have to rinse all the surfaces with a little warm water, and you’re done! You will love this tip for cleaning the bathroom because cider vinegar is a powerful limescale remover and a fantastic product against mold.

Remove Warts

Here is another secret of our grandmothers… They used apple cider vinegar to make the warts disappear! How? It’s easy! Put this product on cotton each evening before placing it against the skin to be treated throughout the night.

Take Care Of Your Face

Apple cider vinegar is a slimming asset! This natural product has appetite-suppressant effects that help control cravings. That’s not all! Some people consume it in water to keep the figure because the acetic acid it contains is said to prevent cellulite formation.

Degrease The Kitchen

Do you need a shining kitchen? For this situation, clean it with heated water and apple juice vinegar. Because of this arrangement, you will dispose of all hints of oil and soil without scouring. Moreover, this regular dynamic fixing cleans and freshens surfaces without hurting them. Could you make one final recommendation? Add a few drops of juice vinegar to the dishwater to make your plates and glasses sparkle!

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