22 Tips To Stop Eating Junk Food During The Day

Eating junk food always favors weight gain and localized fat accumulation and can still develop other diseases and changes such as diabetes and high cholesterol.

Who has never worked with a package of cookies on the table? We are used to snacking on some snacks during usual day-to-day activities. This custom is wrong, and it goes beyond feeling hungry. Usually, the fact that we eat all the time is linked to anxiety.

Want to stop this once and for all? We’ve prepared 22 tips for you to stop eating junk during the day and only eat at the right time. Check it out below!

22 Tips To Only Eat At The Right Time:

  • Put the amount of Food on the plate that you intend to eat
  • Don’t repeat! A plate of Food is enough to satisfy your hunger
  • Do not accompany your meal with a bagel
  • Chew your Food well
  • Don’t eat quickly . Food will not rush off the table
  • Don’t eat for the sake of eating. Eat when you’re hungry, or every 3 hours
  • Do not drink juices, soft drinks, or even water during the meal
  • No pinching ingredients during lunch
  • Don’t eat the rest of other people’s dishes. In addition to being inelegant, it is a greedy attitude.
  • Don’t eat from pots
  • Don’t carry a packet of candy in your bag
  • When thinking about goodies, change the focus and start thinking about something else
  • Avoid snacking during the day
  • Don’t throw yourself at a packet of chips if you’re hungry. Fruits and salads are great for satisfying sudden hunger
  • Don’t take a bite out of anyone’s sandwich
  • Have the right time to eat, and follow this rule to the letter
  • Don’t eat your meals watching TV
  • Drink lots of water during the day
  • Don’t open the fridge to think
  • Do not eat before bed
  • Don’t go to the supermarket when you’re hungry
  • The work drawer is for storing your material. It’s not a stash of cookies and chocolates

What To Eat Before And After The Gym?

Food is essential to ensure the benefits of the gym, and eating improperly can prevent the time spent in your training from having positive effects, such as increasing muscle mass. Food consumed before and after the gym must fulfill specific functions, such as providing energy and helping to regenerate muscle. Items rich in carbohydrates and proteins, such as fruits and eggs, are essential.

What To Eat Before The Gym:

Ideally, carbohydrates with a low glycemic index are consumed. This is because the glucose in these foods is absorbed by the body more slowly, causing the sugar to take longer to reach the cells. With this, the body resorts to burning fat for energy.

Whole Grain Bread

Wholemeal bread is a source of low glycemic index carbohydrates and fiber. It is consuming this food one hour before exercise causes the body to burn more fat for energy. In addition, it offers carbohydrates to muscle mass, improving performance in physical activity.


During physical activity, the body uses a small portion of amino acids and negligible protein structures as an energy source. Because it is rich in protein, the egg helps reconstruct these muscle fibers. Consuming a scrambled egg two hours before training is enough to improve exercise performance.


Fruits like oranges and apples also have low glycemic index carbohydrates. In addition, fruits increase the carbohydrate stored in the muscle, which is stored in glycogen, ensuring good performance in physical activity. Ideally, the fruit should be consumed one hour before exercise.

What To Eat After The Gym:

After the gym, the musculature needs to replenish the energy stock, which can be done with carbohydrate consumption. In addition, for muscle mass to increase, it is necessary to regenerate the injuries caused to the muscle by exercise, a process that depends on protein intake.

Whole Grains

Whole grain bread and pasta are sources of quick, healthy energy for the body. People who want to lose weight can slightly extend the interval between the end of exercise and eating by up to 60 minutes, delaying the effect of insulin in the body, which inhibits fat burning.


Like milk and eggs, for example, red and white meat is rich in protein. Two medium chicken filets are enough to provide the protein needed after physical activity, which is 20 grams.

Fruit Juice

During physical exercise, the muscle uses its glycogen stores for energy. Therefore, muscle cells become more permeable after activity to capture glucose, replenish this stock and accelerate the recovery process. So foods that are a quick energy source are ideal at such times, and fruit juice is an ideal option. It is recommended that they be consumed within 30 minutes after physical activity.

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