Breakfast On The Go: 3 Easy Recipes To Eat In Front Of The Computer

Don’t feel like letting go of your screen because you’re in an emergency? Depending on what you plan to eat at noon, it can quickly get complicated. Whether it’s sticky fingers, crumbs, or the smell of food in the office, having a meal in front of your computer is no easy task. To anticipate the thoughts of colleagues jealous of your tartiflette, here are some balanced meal ideas for those days when you need to eat on the go in the office.

Bruschetta with grilled vegetables and Emmental cheese that won’t stick to your fingers

To complete your meal, you can garnish your bruschetta with a small salad made your way.

Wash and pat dry zucchini and eggplant carefully for this vegetable bruschetta recipe. Slice them thinly before toasting them in a very lightly oiled pan. Season to your taste, and once your vegetables are cooked enough, add basil.

Slice one or two large slices of bread (depending on your appetite) and place the grilled vegetables on top. Add grated Emmental and brown for a few moments under the grill of your oven.

While this bruschetta recipe is much better hot, nothing is stopping you from enjoying it cold too.

Potato gratin without bad smell

The dish par excellence comforts you the most in winter when you have a difficult day. Of course, if you eat in the office, avoid making potato gratins with smelly cheese or salmon. Try, for example, a recipe for potato gratin with ham and mushrooms! Unlike goat or reblochon, the advantage of Emmental is that even when heated, it does not emit an unpleasant odor for others. It is also a complete and balanced dish quickly heated in the microwave.

For six people (that will give you several days of meals to bring to work!), It would help if you started by making a bechamel sauce.

To do this:

  • Melt 60g of butter in a saucepan before adding 60g of flour
  • Once your roux is ready, pour in 1l of milk and mix until you obtain a smooth and smooth béchamel sauce
  • Add pepper and salt to your liking
  • Reserve aside

Peel four large special gratin potatoes and cut them into thin slices. Boil salted water in a large saucepan and immerse your potatoes in it for a few seconds. Once the potatoes are cooked, drain them without breaking the slices.

Cut into large pieces, eight slices of ham. Clean and slice four large button mushrooms. In a pan with a bit of fat, brown the ham for a few minutes with the mushrooms. Book.

Butter a gratin dish. Put a little béchamel sauce at the bottom of the container, a layer of potato, a little ham, and mushroom mixture, and repeat the operation until you have nothing left. Finish with a layer of béchamel and add a little grated Emmental on top.

Place under the grill of your oven and leave until the cheese is nicely browned. Once cooked and cooled, all you have to do is prepare Tupperware of this delicious potato gratin to bring you to work neither seen nor known!

The yogurt cake that doesn’t crumble!

Let’s finish with a sweet note. What better way to give yourself courage during the lunch break than a small slice of cake and thus continue the day in a good mood? And if, in addition, we do not make crumbs on his keyboard, it is even better!

For this plain cake recipe without crumbs, allow 20 minutes of baking in an oven preheated to 180 ° C or Th. 6.

In a salad bowl, mix with a whisk, a pot of plain yogurt (which will serve as a measure), a pot of sugar, neutral oil, one teaspoon of vanilla flavoring, and three whole eggs.

Once well mixed, pour in a jar of flour and one sachet of baking powder. Mix to obtain a very smooth and homogeneous paste.

Butter a pan and pour the dough into it before placing it in the oven and baking for the necessary time. Once cooled and slightly stale from the night before, this cake won’t crumble for a delicious on-the-go dessert in front of your computer!

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