4 Professional Tricks For Perfect Eyelashes

New mascaras, tools and professional treatments get the most out of your lashes – a breathtaking look is guaranteed. With these tricks you can easily fulfill your greatest eyelash wishes!

We want beautiful eyelashes. No wonder that mascara is the best-selling make-up product worldwide. But not every mascara has the same effect – there are more and more effective types of ink : those that lengthen short eyelashes, thicken sparse hairs or give rigid specimens more curl. So that you can find the right one for your personal eyelash desire in the mascara jungle, we have created a small guide for you . And since the party season is soon in full swing, there are even more tips that will ensure you and your eyelashes make a big entrance.

1. I Want More Abundance

If your lashes are very delicate and sparsely sown, then a volume mascara with a thick brush is the first choice. It applies a maximum of color, in which there are often cushioning polymers and waxes that make the lashes appear luscious. When applying, you should make sure to place the brush as close as possible to the lash line. Then pull the mascara through to the tips with slight jerking movements.

Professional trick: eyelashes look even thicker when you use the mascara tip to put color between the hairs on the edge of the eyelashes. Alternatively, you can also use eyeliner. For XXL volume, dust some loose transparent powder on the still damp eyelashes and apply a second time.

2. I Want More Momentum

Are your eyelashes grown straight and a little stiff? No problem, because the ones here bend it: Mascaras with brushes in a curved shape or with several rows of rubber bristles – the latter can be used in a rolling rotating motion, which provides additional momentum. If the inks also contain emollient oils and waxes, your lashes will now only do what you want. Also helpful: tame your eyelashes with an eyelash curler before applying make up. Hold the curler as close as possible to the base of the lashes and carefully press the tongs together. Wait 20 to 30 seconds, then open the forceps again. Ink the eyelashes immediately so that the shape is fixed.

Pro trick: Warm up the curler slightly with the hairdryer before use. This makes the swing last longer. But first check on the arm that the pliers are not too hot, otherwise you will burn the hairs.

3. I Want Longer Eyelashes

Short hairs are particularly difficult to ink. A mascara with a narrow brush or short rubber bristles is ideal here because it catches even the smallest hairs and covers them with color from root to tip.

Professional trick: it is best to apply two ink tints and carefully comb the hairs with an eyelash comb after the first pass. This separates the hairs and distributes the color evenly to the tips. It is important to have an eyelash glue remover when installing fake eyelashes.

4. Special Effects In The Salon

A wish that “powerlifting” fulfills. During this professional treatment, the eyelashes are coated with a lotion that contains sulfur oxide and color. As a result, the hairs straighten up permanently in a beautiful curve and are optically lengthened by the darker tone.

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