With Training To A Flat Stomach: 5 Exercises For The Abdominal Muscles

The stomach should be flat, but the motivation to torment yourself with strenuous exercises is missing? Absolutely understandable! Only targeted training that consciously addresses every muscle can help: Combined with the right diet, these five exercises are absolutely sufficient to train the entire abdominal muscles – well, does that sound good?

Which ABS Exercises Are The Most Effective? 5 Units For The Home

A six-pack is of course not a must and one thing is certain: Every stomach, whether flat, soft or steel-hard, is beautiful. Nevertheless: You can be proud of defined abdominal muscles. After all, there is hard work behind every hardened core.

We have compiled the best abdominal muscle exercises and explain what else you should consider for a well-trained upper body. And best of all: You don’t need a personal trainer or gym for the abdominal muscle exercises, because they can be easily performed from home.

Essential For An Effective Home Workout

1. Exercise The Lower Abdominal Muscles: Kick Variants

Training focus:

  • The lower abdominal muscles

Required equipment:

  • Exercise mat
  • For even more effectiveness: Resistance band
  • Treadmill at yesoul

Flutter kicks or scissor kicks are particularly effective exercises for the lower abdominal muscles. If you have problems with your lower back during this abdominal muscle exercise – your back should rest on the floor during the entire training session – keep your legs a little higher. The closer your legs are to the floor, the more effective the abdominal muscle training is and the closer you get to a flat stomach.

1st Exercise: Flutter Kicks

  • Lie on your back and lift your head and both legs.
  • Place your hands on the floor parallel to your body.
  • Now alternately lift the right and left leg higher. Extend your foot and keep your leg straight.
  • Be sure to keep your knees slightly bent to protect the joints.
  • Repeat the abdominal exercise a total of 30 times.

Tip: To make the abdominal exercise even more effective, simply add a resistance band. Tighten the band around the lower legs and do the exercise as usual.

2nd Exercise: Scissor Kicks

  • Extend your legs again and hold them above the floor. Lift your head as you do so. The arms can be placed next to the body.
  • Now alternately cross your straight legs and open them again. How far you open your legs depends on the level of training. Small, controlled movements are best to ensure constant tension in the abdominal muscles.
  • Repeat this exercise 30 times as well.

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2. Exercise The Upper Abdomen

If you want to train the upper abdomen, but at the same time want to make sure that the lateral and lower abdominal muscles are not neglected, you should use these two exercises at home. They are real all-rounders. Depending on the version, the upper or lateral abdominal muscles are addressed.

Training focus:

  • The lateral abdominal muscles
  • The lower and upper abdominal muscles

Required equipment:

  • Exercise mat
  • Abdominal trainer if required

1st Exercise: Normal Crunch

  • Lie on your back with your legs bent. Hold your hands loosely on your temples. The closer the feet are to the bottom, the more difficult.
  • Now lift your head and crunch 30 times in small movements towards the knee.

Tip: If you have problems controlling your posture and keeping your feet on the ground, a training device that allows you to pinch your feet is ideal. The device is also height-adjustable – so you can make the abdominal muscle exercise even more effective.

2nd Exercise: Crossover Crunch

  • Now hold your hands on your temples, your legs are bent on the floor.
  • Raise your right leg and bring your left elbow to your right knee.
  • Repeat the movement with the other side (left leg to right elbow) and make a total of 30 changes. This is guaranteed to train the upper abdominal muscles.
  • Those who are practised start with a 90-degree angle of their legs in the air and do not put them down during the entire training period.

Tip for back problems: crunch with the abdominal trainer

Abdominal muscle training is often difficult to do if you have back problems. This also includes the crunch. An abdominal trainer helps to protect your back and still get closer to the six-pack. To do this, grip the side handles of the device with your hands and carry out the training session. The abdominal trainer takes the lead and is gentle on the joints and back, while at the same time effectively stimulating the core muscles.

3. Upper Body Training With The AB Roller

Having a flat stomach is nice – it’s even nicer when arms, back and shoulders also fit into the overall package! For those who want a fully trained upper body, training with the abdominal roll is one of the best exercises.

Training focus:

  • The oblique and straight abdominal muscles
  • The poor
  • Shoulders
  • The lower and upper back

Required equipment:

  • Abdominal roller

That’s How It Works:

  • Kneel down and grasp the handles of the belly roll with your hands. Tense the abdominal muscles and the entire body as well as keep your back straight (do not fall into your hollow back!).
  • Now roll as far forward as possible without falling into the hollow back.
  • Then roll back and finish the exercise in a hunched position. That means: the back forms a hump and the abdominal muscles are straight and tense.
  • 25 repetitions.

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4. Train Your Straight And Middle Abdominal Muscles: Heel Touches

Heel touches can be assigned to the simple exercises for abdominal muscles. However, they are no less effective and are undoubtedly some of the best exercises for a hardened stomach. This trains both the upper abdomen and the middle abdominal muscles.

Training focus:

  • The straight abdominal muscles
  • The middle abdominal muscles
  • Required equipment:
  • Exercise mat

How To Do The Heel Touches:

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent.
  • Raise your head while extending your arms parallel to your hips.
  • Now pull your right hand towards your right foot with your arms straight and repeat the training on the left side.
  • Change a total of 30 times.

5. Exercise Oblique Abdominal Muscles: Russian Twist

The Russian Twist is one of the more demanding six-pack exercises – but it’s all the more effective! With this abdominals exercise you primarily train the oblique muscles, but also the straight and lower abdominal muscles.

Training focus:

  • The oblique abdominal muscles
  • The straight abdominal muscles
  • The lower abdominal muscles

Required Equipment:

  • Exercise mat
  • For more effective training: weight


  • Sit down and lean back slightly. The back should always be straight. The legs are bent, the feet touch the ground or are in the air.
  • Bring your hands together in front of your upper body. Now slowly rotate your entire upper body from left to right.
  • Repeat the exercise 30 times. For really strong abdominal muscles, you can also hold a weight between your hands during this abdominal exercise.

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