Instead Of Dieting: 5 Nutritional Tips That Demi Moore Swears By In Everyday Life

Actress and producer Demi Moore look just as fantastic at 58 as she used to. While she tormented herself with extreme diets in her younger years and downright starved for a role, the mother of three now relies on a healthy and balanced diet: “I had to stop fighting my body and make peace with it,” writes Demi Moore in her book “Inside Out: My Life”.

Nutritional tips: Demi Moore adheres to these 5 rules instead of dieting

Through her radical diets, Demi Moore regularly moved from underweight to overweight at the time. Aside from the emotional stress that this brings with it, she says today: “I never felt well at any time back then.” That is why she turned her back on the drastic diets today. And that led them to the following dietary rules.

1. Nutrition tip: Follow your intuition

Demi Moore listens to what her body needs today. She only eats when she is hungry and stops eating when she feels full and full. Behind this is a return to intuitive eating and the thought: If you listen to your body, you automatically eat healthier and neither too much nor too little. How do you find intuitive eating? First, keep a journal of how your body feels after each meal. Bloated, bloated, etc. – and adapt your eating habits to the positive body feelings.

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2. Nutritional tip: rely on healthy carbohydrates

Many people mistakenly believe that leaving out carbohydrates will help them lose weight. This only promotes the yo-yo effect. The highlight, according to Demi Moore: You have to rely on the right carbohydrates – including whole grain bread, whole grain rice and whole-grain pasta as well as potatoes, nuts and green vegetables. The secret behind healthy carbohydrates? They ensure that blood sugar remains in the right balance. This gives the body energy and is long-term saturated.

3. Nutritional tip: Exercise and lean protein are a good combination

Demi Moore loves sports and integrates both endurance and muscle training into her everyday life. “I swim, surf and do yoga regularly. I also train with weights to strengthen my legs and my flexibility,” says Demi Moore. After exercising, the actress relies on lean protein such as meat, fish and legumes. This will help build muscle and melt love handles.

4. Nutritional tip: Avoid ready meals

Demi Moore has completely removed processed foods from her diet – this includes ready-made meals and white bread and cold cuts. Instead, it relies on everything that has not been processed. Fresh vegetables, fruits and legumes. Raw vegetables and nuts are healthy alternatives and give you a lot more energy. The following applies here: the more natural a food, the better. Incidentally, this also applies to cooking – Demi Moore prepares her dishes at a maximum of 50 degrees.

5. Nutritional tip: Not all fat is created equal

Demi Moore completely dispenses with cream, butter and mayonnaise in the preparation of her dishes. Instead, she prefers healthy fats because these are also important for a balanced diet. For example, she cooks with flaxseed or olive oil instead of butter or margarine. In addition, salmon, cheese, eggs and walnuts contain important nutrients with lots of healthy omega-three fatty acids, among the most important energy sources in our body. And if it should be chocolate, then ideally dark chocolate – it is healthy.

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