6 Natural Ways To Manage Asthma

Asthma is a disease that causes inflammation in the lung’s airways. Typically, a patient can live a normal life if they know how to manage their condition and what to do during an attack. When you’ve been diagnosed with asthma, you have to know that proper treatment and medication is a concerted effort between your doctor and yourself. Don’t just rely on the medicines you have to take as overall care means healthy practices at home as well.

Being a chronic disease, this means asthma doesn’t have any cure. It matters how well you manage your disease on your own. In this article, you’ll come across natural and complementary ways which may help you manage asthma and its underlying symptoms.

1. Try Cannabidiol Oil

Nowadays, cannabidiol (CBD) oil from the marijuana or hemp plant seems to be the wonder oil. For those who swear by its use, CBD oil has become a staple in their households for the potential benefits it promises to bring. One of these relates to asthma management, according to SUPA Naturals.

Asthma is characterized as a chronic lung disease with an underlying inflammation of the airways. When asthma flares up, it leads to symptoms like wheezing, breathing issues, and coughing. This is where the connection with CBD comes in. Remember that CBD has good potential in dealing with inflammation, including airway inflammation.

If you’re keen on using CBD oil for asthma, just be sure to get the proper dosage from your doctor advocating for it. No two patients are alike, and the dosage and frequency of use can differ according to factors like body condition, weight, and even the type of product you use.

2. Stay Away From Triggers

No matter what you do to manage and treat your asthma, you should always go back to the core of the problem. This means staying away from what your doctor has diagnosed as your asthma triggers. If you continue your exposure to those, then you’re only going to make your condition worse, and your treatment won’t work.

Different individuals have their asthma triggers, so you have to be certain you’ve identified yours accordingly. Generally, however, some of the most common asthma triggers are:

  • Preservatives in food and drinks;
  • Pollen, dust, mold, and pet hair;
  • Stress;
  • Individuals in the same home or workplace who are suffering from the common cold;
  • Some medications you may be allergic to like aspirin and ibuprofen.

3. Practice Dietary Changes

There’s no specific diet best suited for asthma patients. But like any other illness or disease, it pays to have a healthy diet. With that, get a good supply of vitamins and minerals your body needs for your immune system to stay well. A good-functioning immune system is your first line of defense against catching diseases or succumbing to any of your allergens.

Also, note that when patients suffer from asthma, their breathing ability may sometimes be impaired. You don’t want to heighten this difficulty by also having underlying heart problems. If you aren’t careful with your diet, heart problems can arise, and this may only make your asthma attacks even worse.

4. Have Honey At Home

If you’re treating asthma for children, then using honey as a natural treatment may be potentially promising as well. All you have to do is take a spoonful of honey and mix it into a glass of water. When you drink the honey and water concoction, it may help get rid of the phlegm in your throat. In effect, you may also be able to breathe better.

You can practice this natural remedy even when you aren’t having an attack. Do this right before you go to bed, so you can sleep better.

5. Drink A Healthy, Caffeinated Drink

Did you know that caffeinated drinks have a host of benefits for your body, beyond simply keeping your energy levels up? Caffeine is a bronchodilator, which means it may reduce respiratory muscle fatigue. When it comes to asthma patients, caffeine may keep your airways open for up to four hours after consumption.

6. Use Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil, in its purest form, may also help manage asthma and treat flare-ups. There are several ways you can use eucalyptus oil for this purpose like:

  • Putting a few drops on a bowl of hot water, and then inhaling the steam;
  • Massaging diluted pure essential oil on your nose area;
  • Putting some drops on a hand towel and laying it beside you as you sleep.

When you use eucalyptus oil in the manner above, breathing in may help clear out any blocked air passageways. It may also be able to break down mucus that’s making it even harder for you to breathe.

Key Takeaway

All these considered, it’s important to emphasize that the natural remedies above aren’t meant to be a substitute for proper medication and medical advice. Never self-medicate as asthma can be a serious and potentially life-threatening illness. If you wish to opt for any of the natural remedies above, you need to discuss them first with your doctor. By doing so, you’re on the same page as to the remedies you’re using.

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