6 Super Foods You Should Eat To Avoid Intestinal Pain

Loaded tongue, nausea, constipation: here are some very unpleasant symptoms that your sensitive intestines can give you. Fortunately, by adapting your diet, you can remedy these inconveniences.


The quince tree’s fruit falls into the astringent plants’ category and is very useful in diarrhea. You should not eat it raw due to its harshness, so it is rather found in the form of jam, jelly, or compote.

Rich in potassium and vitamin A, B, and C, it also contains malic acid and tannins. These respect the gastric mucosa and do not irritate. Like the apple, it has pectins.

These gelatinous substances regulate transit and are renowned for their benefits on the intestines. According to a British study, researchers from the UK’s Institute of Food Research (1), pectins have a preventive effect on gastrointestinal cancers.


This root vegetable, amply provided with mineral salts and beta-carotene (precursor of vitamin A ), has the advantage of being both laxative and astringent. Useful in case of constipation or diarrhea, the carrot is invaluable in normalizing intestinal functions. In case of fiber sensitivity, it will be eaten well cooked.


Generally popular with everyone, the potato helps maintain a healthy intestine. Research (2) has established that starch, which is very present in this starch, can reduce the risk of developing small intestinal cancer and acting on irritable bowel syndrome.


It is very nutritious and rich in potassium, and bananas are suitable for people with digestive problems. This fruit allows you to be satiated quickly, does not irritate the intestines, and does not cause bloating. However, it can cause allergies in some.

Milk kefir

Originally from Russia, and more specifically from the Caucasus region, kefir usually refers to fermented goat’s milk. It can also be prepared from cow’s milk. An excellent drink for the intestinal flora’s health, also called microbiota, is very easily digested and regulates transit.


We no longer present yogurt, a nourishing, light, and very digestible food. Made from cow, goat, or sheep milk, it protects the digestive system and the intestinal sphere thanks to its lactic ferments’ action. It is better to choose it straight, without adding sugar or fruit.

To improve difficult digestion or pain in the intestines, simple food hygiene measures will already be of excellent service. However, a medical consultation is necessary if the symptoms persist.

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