7 Great Workout Ideas For Couples

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If you want to burn calories, get in shape, or simply chase after that sweet runner’s high, we applaud you. Staying active has many benefits for your physical and mental health, but many people find it challenging to stay active without someone holding them accountable. That’s where couples’ workouts can come in handy.

No matter how strong your relationship with your significant other is, the bond between you and your partner could benefit from regularly exercising together. In fact, getting active with your partner is one strategy relationship experts sometimes recommend for couples in relationship therapy. Keep reading for ideas on exercising with your partner, and if you’re interested in couples therapy, BetterHelp offers online sessions for active couples on the go.


Remember how freeing it was to fly down a hill on your bicycle as a kid? It’s easy to forget that youthful innocence as you age and start having adult responsibilities.

If you want a change of scenery to help spark a conversation with your partner or rekindle your deep connection, riding bikes in the scenic areas of your stomping grounds could be a good way to do so while strengthening your lower body muscles and giving your cardiovascular system a little jolt. Biking together is also a great way to discover new places you never knew existed.


What did we say about immersing yourself in fresh scenery? Hiking can be a great way to give your legs a proper workout while appreciating nature. Simply walking can help improve your mental health, but doing it amidst greenery and picturesque locations can give your brain even more of a boost. You and your partner can start with easier, shorter trails before graduating to more challenging terrain.

Joining A Competitive Sports Team

If you or your partner want to get in the competitive spirit without potentially starting a tiff between the two of you, consider joining a team sports league. Your area might have adult softball, volleyball, bowling, disc golf, badminton, dodgeball, or ultimate frisbee organizations for players of all abilities. Getting into team sports with your partner also gives you the opportunity to meet new friends while releasing endorphins.


Don’t have the patience for hiking? Consider running together at the local track or joining a running club. Running is one of the best workouts there is, lowering your risk of dying from some of the most common causes of death in the U.S. Also, it’s pretty lonely without someone cheering you on or picking you up when needed.

If you and your partner are not up for long-distance running, start by walking. It’s a great, nearly mindless activity that can help start important conversations.

Group Yoga

Yoga is not always just about looking inward toward yourself. Doing it with a partner can introduce new poses to your yoga repertoire while improving communication and trust as a couple.

Getting over any learning curves together will remind you that difficult times don’t last and that overcoming them can strengthen your relationship. Yoga may also help combat depression, which can be challenging for someone also in couples’ therapy.

Rock Climbing

Are you and your partner okay with heights? If so, rock climbing may be the activity to enhance your relationship. You can belay your partner to increase trust and communication between the two of you; this involves feeding the rope through a metal contraption as the other one scales the wall so they won’t come tumbling down if they lose their grip.

Playing Singles Or Doubles Tennis

If the two of you can handle direct competition in a way that’s healthy for your relationship, facing off on the tennis court may be just what the doctor ordered. Tennis can provide an efficient workout for the entire body while improving balance and agility. Opening up the volleys to another couple can help you bond with like-minded individuals and foster deep friendships.

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