7 Surprising Things That Burn Calories

Oh yes, that usual two pounds too much on the ribs. You can’t get rid of them. But that’s over now, just like with diet tips. From now on, we prefer to live instead of counting calories.

We’ll tell you here what, by the way, lets the pounds melt and what burns how many calories:

Losing Weight: Surprising Things That Burn Calories


Are you a restless person? Then congratulations. If you bob your foot or swing the pen back and forth during the meeting, you burn calories. After all, your body is always on the move. Anyone who is restless and fidgeting all day can burn up to 350 more calories. Those who still stand while fidgeting burn almost 900 more calories – that was the result of a study by Iowa State University.


Lovesickness is not lovely. But if you want to lose something, lovesickness could help. Whenever you cry, you burn 1.3 calories per minute. Does that sound a little? For comparison: those who train intensively, such as B. CrossFit, burn about 10 calories per minute.


A study from Vanderbilt University Medical Center found that laughing burned between 10 and 40 calories for 10 to 15 minutes. That’s enough to lose anywhere from 500 grams to 2 kilos a year. So an hour of laughter burns as many calories as 30 minutes of weight lifting.


Admittedly, that food is supposed to make you slim sounds strange at first. The magic word is: chew! Because the jaw muscles are stressed. As a result, eating (i.e., the process of chewing, swallowing, and digesting) consumes around 140 calories per hour.


According to the University of Hawaii Nutrition Department, strolling through shops burns around 200 calories an hour. A power shopper burns even more calories. By the way, don’t worry if you are standing in line at the cash register: standing in line for 30 minutes also burns 47 calories.


From today we will only drink ice-cold water! According to a study, the body burns around 125 more calories if we drink eight glasses of cold water a day. The body needs the energy to heat the cold water to body temperature.


Oh yes, sleep. We love to sleep! And the best news: you also lose weight. According to a Harvard University chart, a person weighing 84 kilos burns around 28 calories in 30 minutes. Brilliant! Best thing: while we sleep, we cannot eat and ingest new calories. So, we’re in hibernation then!

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