A Step-by-Step Guide to a Closet Purge & Renewal

While many people may look at their closets and just see yet another storage space, every fashionista knows that their closet is a reflection of personal growth and evolving tastes. Our closets represent the various chapters of our lives. Sometimes, it’s time to turn the page and start a new chapter in our closet. Just as the seasons change, so do your fashion preferences. If you’re looking to unveil the true potential of your wardrobe and make way for some fabulous new clothing and accessories, check out our step-by-step guide to a closet purge and renewal.

1. Have a Clear Vision — Before you start cleaning out your closet, decide what you envision your closet will look like when everything is finished. Your closet vision may include having a special corner just for your favorite accessories, so you know exactly how to accessorize with easy-to-find earrings and necklaces. Begin by envisioning your desired style and the image you wish to convey with your closet. Think about your lifestyle and preferences and the statement you want your wardrobe to make. Having a clear vision will serve as a guiding light throughout the process to help you make informed decisions about what pieces you want to stay and what goes. Now, you can delve into your closet with the fashion narrative you want to unfold.

2. Start Emptying Your Closet — If you’re practicing the KonMari method, as made famous by professional organizer Marie Kondo, when you’re emptying out your closet, gather all of your clothing in one area and then discard anything that doesn’t spark joy. Emptying out your closet is a transformative first step in your comprehensive wardrobe renewal. It may seem like an overwhelming process at first, but, once you get into the groove of evaluating each garment objectively, the quicker you can clear space to take a visual inventory for meticulous examination. Don’t be afraid to make a decision and stick with it. Keep items that truly resonate with your style vision. If the piece doesn’t serve you anymore, it’s okay to let it go. Starting fresh opens the door to a closet that’s organized and a reflection of your most authentic self.

3. Practice Seasonal Sorting — Chances are you have seasonal pieces in your closet like chic dresses you enjoy wearing during the spring and summer but never see the light of day during the fall or winter. Get into the strategic practice of seasonal sorting and divide your closet into seasonal categories. Have coats for fall and winter in one space and shorts and bathing suits for spring and summer in another. Identify which pieces are suitable for the current season you’re in and set aside ones that can be put away in storage. This method can help streamline your day-to-day dressing up and can reveal any potential gaps in your seasonal wardrobe. If you find you’re missing sweaters or tops that can be added to your closet, this is your opportunity to refresh your style with intentionality. Lay the groundwork for a closet that effortlessly adapts to the ever-changing seasonality of fashion for a well-rounded and purposeful collection of clothing you love.

4. Remember Quality over Quantity — Prioritize quality over quantity and assess each garment in your closet. Is the piece durable? Is it well-crafted? Does it have a timeless appeal, or will it no longer be trendy a few years from now? You don’t need a vast collection of clothing that spans closet after closet. Instead, curate a wardrobe of enduring pieces that can stand the test of time. Embrace garments made from high-quality materials to elevate your style and contribute to a sustainable, conscious fashion experience. Choosing well-chosen, well-crafted items can outshine a multitude of fleeting trends. Watch how your closet can transform into a curated selection of enduring style and sophistication.

5. See if There’s an Emotional Connection — There may be some items in your closet, like cute shoes that you wore at your wedding but never wear anymore, that you want to hold onto for sentimental value. As you go through your closet, assess if there’s a genuine connection beyond the way something looks. Some pieces hold fond memories and serve as anchors in your fashion narrative. If the item doesn’t align with your current style vision or is simply a relic of the past, like the piece of jewelry or a sweater that your ex got you, don’t be afraid to let go of pieces that aren’t a part of your life anymore.

Now that you’ve gone through our step-by-step guide, you’ve learned how to carefully assess each garment in your closet and bid farewell to the pieces that no longer serve you. Allow yourself to curate a collection that resonates with your current style. This closet purge and renewal is part of your powerful journey of self-discovery. Your closet is now a representation of your evolving identity, and a carefully crafted ensemble put together from clothes you love shows the world the person you are today.

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