Alcohol, Coffee, Sugar: These Tips Make It Easier To Do Without

Giving up alcohol in a social setting can be hard enough. It also seems almost impossible to avoid refined sugar and caffeine. These tips will make it easier to get away.

For many people, January represented healthy abstinence after the holidays – Dry January was the order of the day!

But the targeted omission of sometimes unhealthy foods is not only good for the body in the first month of the year. After all, nourishing instead of detoxing can never hurt.

Healthy Renunciation

Therefore, a phase in which alcohol, sugar, and caffeine are avoided for several days or even weeks should be inserted now and then.

However, anyone who has already had one or two alcohol-free evenings in a friendly group ready to drink knows that it can be difficult to remain steadfast, especially in company.

In addition, there are dozens of temptations in everyday life that do the body more harm than good: sugary sweets as a reward after a stressful day, a coffee after the next day or even energy drinks to stay focused.

“For example, they reduce their intake of alcohol, but instead rely on too much sugar.”

Stand Firm

Treating yourself to an alcohol break can be difficult, especially at events and festivals.

To remain steadfast and not be tempted by other people, it can be helpful to share the project with friends, family and colleagues.

That way, you won’t (hopefully) be asked to toast, and you’ll get the back support you want. “Maybe even friends and acquaintances will join – you never know who will come on board.”

Reduce Caffeine Intake

While abstaining from alcohol, it’s helpful to reduce your caffeine intake and adopt positive habits instead.

“Once you give up alcohol, it’s not that difficult to cut down on caffeine,” “Because without alcohol and a night of drinking, the body always has more energy after getting up.”

Reducing caffeine intake supports health by reducing stress on the adrenal glands and digestive system.

Do Not Shift Unhealthy Consumption

While avoiding alcohol, you should also reduce your sugar consumption.

This is because alcohol, caffeine and refined sugar all have similar effects on the brain’s reward center and stimulate the release of the hormone dopamine when consumed.

If you now reach for chocolate, gummy bears and the like instead of alcohol every time, you risk that these actions will create a new unhealthy habit that will be difficult to break in the long run.

Gut Support With Tea And Fermented Foods

To give the body the absolute health boost and make it easier to do without, some drinks should be preferred.

Water and unsweetened herbal teas – for example, detox teas – are ideal for healthily increasing fluid intake and thereby supporting the cells in the natural detoxification process.

Since caffeine and alcohol affect the adrenal glands and the energy and hormone balance and disturb the intestine, this should be counteracted.

Fermented beverages may help improve gut health. They aid in digestion by balancing the harmful bacteria with the positive effects of live cultures, acids and antioxidants.

Vegetables With Lots Of Starch And Healthy Fats

A healthy food choice is also essential, especially the intake of vegetables.

“Starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes, beetroot and pumpkin can support the detoxification process,”

Healthy fats in nuts, avocados, olive oil and oily fish should also be on the menu.

“Because they provide important nutrients to reduce inflammation in the cardiovascular system, improve cognition and maintain the feeling of satiety,”.

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