Anti-Acne Diet: What To Eat And What To Avoid To Improve Skin Health

The appearance of acne is one of the many symptoms that tell us that our body is out of balance. But is there a real anti-acne diet that gives the possibility to keep the problem at bay? Let’s find out how to improve the health of our skin through nutrition. Acne is a skin problem in which the hair follicle and the gland associated with it produce an excess of sebum, the fatty liquid that helps to make the skin appear greasy. Inflammation causes pores to clog and create unsightly pimples or blackheads.

In the case of acne, it is possible to intervene in different ways, both from the outside and inside. Surely a good tip is to pay attention to what you put on the table, that is to say, the foods you eat every day. But is there a real anti-acne diet? Let’s say that it is more a question of increasing some categories of foods, limiting or eliminating others that can increase the degree of inflammation of the skin.

Anti-Acne Diet, What To Eat And What To Avoid

It seems that the Alaskan Eskimos, African tribes and other populations worldwide who do not consume refined or processed foods are unaware of the problem of acne. Of course, an unpolluted environment, a lifestyle with less stress and other variables also play an important role in avoiding the appearance of acne. We cannot act on many things, but we can, and one of these is food.

Among the foods to eat more often when suffering from acne, there are some macro-categories:

  • Foods rich in zinc: this mineral, whether used externally or taken with the diet, has natural anti-inflammatory properties and inhibits acne-causing bacteria. Therefore, including zinc-rich foods in our diet is extremely well: green light, then the consumption of beans, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, almonds, egg yolk, and more.
  • Foods rich in Omega 3: in case of acne, it is good to reduce the intake of Omega 6 in favour of the Omega 3 contained in fish and foods of plant origin such as flax seeds and chia seeds. The seeds can be added daily to salads, smoothies, vegetable yoghurt or wherever you like.
  • Probiotic foods: foods rich in prebiotic substances (for example, fermented foods ) help the work of the intestine by helping to decrease inflammation, which also benefits the skin.
  • Fruits and vegetables: for those who suffer from acne, but a little for everyone, the advice to follow a natural diet is always valid. Fresh and seasonal foods must always be present, such as fruit and vegetables and nuts and seeds and cereals, wholemeal and legumes.

Among the foods to limit or avoid, there are the following categories:

  • Milk and derivatives: milk is rich in growth hormones, which means that the good things and the less good things in our body grow. It can therefore worsen an acne situation by increasing inflammation. The only exception can be made for plain white yoghurt, which contains probiotics and is sugar-free.
  • High-glycemic foods: A low-glycemic diet can help with acne. Having too much insulin in the blood can stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. This is why white flour, refined cereals, sugary drinks, sweets and all other products in which sugar is hidden should be avoided.
  • Foods rich in iodine: Acne can also be linked to an excess of iodine in the diet. Therefore, iodized salt, seaweed and Japanese food should be avoided.
  • Fatty foods: in order not to favour acne, it is also necessary to banish foods that are too fatty from your diet, especially those rich in saturated fat.
  • Alcohol and super- alcohols: In acne, it is better to avoid alcohol in all its forms. This substance also increases the degree of inflammation in the body.

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