Best Diet For Diabetes : What We Should Eat

The diet is mainly used in two cases: to lose weight ( high protein diet, bikini diet) or alleviate a health problem (diabetes, food allergy, hypercholesterolemia, gluten intolerance.).

However, nutritionists talk less about diet in the strict sense of the term, preferring to talk about dietary advice or recommendations. The word “diet” has a restrictive and ephemeral connotation, which does not correspond to the reality of the medical advice given today.

Slim Diet

Certainly the most well-known and the most heavily publicized diets, we cannot list them as there are so many. Each spring sees its share of new diets appear from all over the world. Everyone’s goal is the same: to lose weight and stay slim forever.

In the vast majority of cases, these “diets” are not recommended by nutritionists. Because the slimming diet is generally followed for a relatively short time, the person gradually returns to his old eating habits.

Also, the body, being in calorie restriction, will start to “save” its caloric expenditure. After a specific time, the risk is an increase in weight. This is called the yo-yo effect ( weight loss – weight gain).

In fact, in the case of overweight, from a dietary point of view, it is recommended above all to change certain eating habits and to stick to them, avoiding embarking on draconian diets. The objective must be reasonable but achieved! Already losing 10% of your initial weight is considered a good result by nutritionists, and above all, it will reduce the health risks associated with overweight.

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In case of Diabetes, Hypercholesterolemia

Specific health problems, particularly the metabolism, can be improved or even resolved by specific dietary advice. Sometimes these disorders require both diet and medical treatment.


Diabetes is a prevalent condition. Dietary advice aims to normalize blood sugar levels (blood sugar levels) and to control weight or achieve slimming if it is necessary. The person who has diabetes should favor foods with low hyperglycemic action to avoid the excessive rise in carbohydrates in the blood after a meal.

Another need: limit the consumption of fats, especially saturated fats, and adopt a balanced diet over the long term. People who have insulin-dependent diabetes must follow a little more specific dietetic rules and a healthy lifestyle, mainly to avoid a drop or a sudden increase in blood sugar.

This does not mean eliminating a category of food ( fast sugars ): it is merely a question of integrating them well into the heart of the meal.

Excess cholesterol

Dietary advice will reduce the consumption of saturated fats (contained in meats, cold meats, fatty cheeses, dairy products, egg yolks, and certain ready-made foods). To lower the level of bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) without modifying the suitable, specific substances are used: certain polyunsaturated fatty acids, contained in fatty fish, and monounsaturated, present in olive oils and rapeseed. Among one of the proven diets: the Cretan diet.

High Blood Pressure

In the case of arterial hypertension, it is also recommended to apply particular instructions. The most important is to limit the intake of salt, which should not exceed 6 g per day. Be careful not to eliminate salt, even when you have high blood pressure. And of course, in case of possible overweight, it will also be necessary to apply dietary instructions to lose pounds.

Food Allergy

Other diets: in case of food allergy. Diets excluding an entire category of food to which the individual is allergic ( proteins from cow’s milk, peanuts). After a series of tests and examinations, the doctor lists the foods to avoid and advises coping with your allergy daily.

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