Conquer Straight And Healthy Hair With These 5 Practical Tips

What woman does not want healthy, shiny, and hydrated hair? Many don’t imagine it, but even the owners of straight or straightened locks must resort to numerous tricks to make them look perfect.

It’s not enough to invest in the cut that is in fashion! Having a good washing routine, choosing the best shampoo for your case, and not giving up a balanced diet are some essential steps that will make all the difference in the result of your daily treatments.

Want to know how to end the brittle effect, frizz, and dreaded split ends? We created this particular post with the best tips for healthy hair. Come and see!

Pay Attention To Washing Frequency

Have you ever noticed how many times you wash your wires a week? For those who want to squander beautiful locks, it is essential to prioritize good washing routines. However, each type of hair needs a different frequency.

The smooth ones tend to be more oily, presenting a greasy, heavy, and without volume appearance. To avoid this effect, try to wash them every day or, at most, every 2 days.

Another point that deserves attention is the water temperature. To remove all the dirt residue from the hair, always wash it with warm water. Thus, the hair structure will not be damaged or dry.

Want to make your hair even brighter? Then do your final rinse with cold water — this technique is great for closing the scales and prolonging hydration!

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Know What Kind Of Shampoo To Use

There is a wide variety of specific shampoos for each hair type, be it curly, dry, or straight.

For those who have smooth locks, the suggestion is to prefer cosmetics without salt and sulfates. With this, you will be more likely to keep your hair healthy, hydrated, nourished, and clean — from scalp to ends.

At the time of application, place the appropriate amount of the product in the palm of your hand and dilute it with a bit of water. This will facilitate the shampoo distribution on the scalp, thoroughly cleaning the region.

Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Anyone who has smooth or straightened locks knows that one of the significant challenges is to keep them hydrated without making them look oily. Our hair suffers external aggressions daily, whether by wind, sun, flat iron, dryer, hot bath, or chemical treatments.

Regardless of your hair type, the best remedy is hydration. Keep in mind that the more hydrated your locks are, the smoother and shinier they will be. Therefore, use moisturizing creams, hair masks, and conditioners regularly.

The frequency of this care routine will depend on the condition of the wires and may vary between weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

Invest In Defrizzer

Have you ever heard of defrizzing or anti-frizz products? The item is a kind of finisher — great for those who live using thermal appliances in search of the ideal smooth. Its function is to make brushing easier, developing a protective layer over the entire hair structure.

This process protects the strands against damage from excessive heat and prolongs the straightening effect of the flat iron or dryer. Defrizzer is also used to eliminate goosebumps after drying, ensuring a more disciplined look throughout the day.

To choose the product, prioritize items of light consistency so that the locks are not heavy. Also, check the product’s composition, always selecting the options with more vitamins and silicone in the formulation.

Follow A Healthy Diet

In addition to all external care to make your wires smooth and flawless, it is essential to follow a balanced diet. This change of habit will be beneficial both to make your locks unforgettable and keep your body and health up to date.

Start by eating iron-rich foods like broccoli, spinach, and beans. When absent in the body, this component contributes to hair loss. Whole grains, crustaceans, nuts, and wheat bran are other examples of foods that help strengthen and stimulate hair growth.

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