Daily Hydration Of Curly Hair

Curly hair requires more hydration than nutrition, unlike very curly to frizzy hair. Good hydration gives beautiful hair, better-defined curls, and a nice natural shine. The hair is soft and beautiful.

How To Recognize Curly Hair That Needs Hydration?

  • A dry touch
  • A difficult disentanglement
  • Knots in the hair
  • Ill-defined curls
  • Frizz

How To Moisturize Curly Hair Daily?

Like all hair, it needs a supply of water present in a moisturizing hair product. Each moisturizing effect must include water in the first position’s INCI list (ingredient). The water will be named water or aqua on the INCI list or floral water, plus one or more moisturizing active ingredients in the product to bring all the hydration to the hair. Among the moisturizing active ingredients that could be included in a product:

  • Vegetable glycerine
  • Aloe vera
  • Honey

What Moisturizers For Curly Hair?

Daily moisturizing care comes in two forms, hair milk, and moisturizing spray. The hair milk should be light so as not to weigh down the hair fiber. The fountain can be in milk or liquid, and the liquid form will also be suitable for refreshing curls. Aloe vera gel also moisturizes hair fiber and defines curls.

The disadvantage is that it can have a cardboard effect on the hair, so it will be necessary to have a light hand when applying the aloe vera gel. Be careful, and any moisturizing product must be natural or as natural as possible to properly hydrate your curls because products that contain chemical ingredients dry out and denature curls.

What Steps To Properly Moisturize Curly Hair?

Dampen your hair with a mineral water spray/mist or ready-to-use liquid moisturizer spray. If your hair is too wet, remove excess water with a microfiber towel by squeezing the curls without rubbing. Take advantage of detangling with your fingers if necessary. Take a hair milk or aloe vera gel, pour a small dose in the hands, rub between them, pass them on the hair after separating them into two or four parts according to your volume, and apply on the entire length. Smooth the hair with your hands from the root to the tips, then scrunch your hair, “scrunch,” going up the directions towards the sources.

This method will draw the curls while distributing the moisturizing milk; while drying, the water will keep the shape of the coils. It is optional to repeat this hydration operation every day. If you feel your hair is well hydrated to the touch, it will not be necessary to moisturize it again.

Refresh Curls In The Morning

When you wake up, your curls are messy despite being well-hydrated. Do not panic. Using a spray bottle, add mineral water alone or a ready-to-use moisturizing spray, shake well, then spray on your hair without wetting it too much. Crumple your curls, scrunch, going up the tips towards the roots.

Then leave to air dry. As a reminder, the humidity of the hair will reform the curls while drying, and it is a refreshment, not a hydration; water alone does not hydrate. But little hydration will be provided by adding a few drops of hair milk to the water spray. Tap water can be calcareous. If this is the case, the limestone can cause dandruff and leave deposits that could dry out the hair fiber and make the hair dry.

Avoid getting the hair wet every day, as the hair becomes limp and foamy. Eventually, the hair fiber will become fragile. By moistening your curls with water, remember the scalp, which also needs hydration. The fogger is only used to vaporize water, do not add any product to avoid clogging the fogger system.

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