Dental Assistants And Their Functions

The Dental Assistant or dental clinic assistant comprises a professional figure that is well-made due to the flexibility that the dentist brings in time and comfort, and this will be reflected in patient satisfaction.

In most dental offices or clinics, this profile is necessary to attend the work of the dentist.

The profile of the dental assistant is a professional in the health sector and that in his work has many facets, the main ones are the maintenance of the materials used in the consultation, the organization of such materials and their conservation, and last but not least important customer service and personalized service.

Functions Of A Dental Assistant

In the first instance, the dental assistant or assistant must receive and attend to patients who come to the consultation.

Once the patient is accommodated, the next thing to check is that all materials and equipment to be used are in perfect condition and working correctly.

It also collaborates with the dentist in the functions that he entrusts during the intervention to any patient. Other functions can be:

  • Comply with any administrative task that requires it.
  • Sterilize cabinet instruments.
  • Be attentive to the comfort of the patient at all times.
  • Have the surgery room in perfect condition.
  • These are some of the functions of the Dental Assistant, but depending on the circumstances, he can perform more varied and vitally important ones.

Where Does The Dental Assistant Work?

There are several job opportunities for this type of training, the most important are listed below:

Clinics and Polyclinics:

These are the well-known dental clinics where people go for any type of oral health need, as well as fillings, whitening treatments, caries correction, and all other practices that are carried out.

Often even oral care education activities are carried out.

Dental Implantology Centers:

It is here that the assistant has become very important and the labor demand increases consecutively. Cabinets, dental clinics and dentists require an assistant for cooperation in interventions, a cooperation that may well be in the operating room or in the reception room.

And you may wonder … What training do I need to work as a Dental Assistant?

You are in luck because by taking a Higher Dental Assistant Course like this you can get it with the support of an institution that advocates your success in the world of work.


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