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The holidays are over, and the hair has taken the sun, the sand, the sea, or the chlorine from the swimming pool and needs a big boost before going back to school or the way to work. A detox treatment is necessary to start again on a good basis. What Should I do? It is important to continue care during the holidays; we agree to spend more time walking around than being locked in the bathroom for our hair care. It will be done just the bare minimum; in return, the results are their unrecognizable hair! The hair must be thoroughly cleaned, regain strength to accommodate the care better, and find beautiful hair and our beautiful curls. The detox treatment is valid for curly, curly, and frizzy hair.

Detox Treatment for my curls

What Is A Detox Treatment?

It is a clarifying treatment that will carry out deep cleaning to purify the hair and the scalp and dissolve all the impurities, styling residues, pollution, salts, chlorine, and others that will have accumulated during the holidays. After this clarification, the hair will be lighter and more receptive to receiving care for better penetration.

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How To Do A Detox Treatment?

There are two solutions: a clarifying shampoo or a clay mask. But be careful; the clarifying shampoo will act on the lengths. It will be an exfoliating or exfoliating shampoo to exfoliate the scalp and unclog pores.

You need :

  • Exfoliating/exfoliating shampoo
  • Clarifying shampoo or clay mask

With Shampoo

On wet hair, apply a dab of exfoliating shampoo only on the scalp to loosen all impurities, and dead cells, unclog pores, and simultaneously stimulate blood circulation. This shampoo is composed of exfoliating grains. Massage the scalp in a circular motion gently so as not to injure yourself, and rinse thoroughly to remove the grains. Then apply the clarifying shampoo directly, go over the scalp and the lengths without rubbing, then rinse. Follow with a conditioner to rehydrate and detangle the hair. You can very well use a clarifying shampoo independently of the exfoliating shampoo.

In Clay

There are two types of clay, classic mineral clay and ghassoul. Be careful when choosing classic mineral clay; there are clays of several different colors; the one that will interest us is green clay which is absorbent and purifying. Rhassoul, like green clay, is purifying and absorbent. On the other hand, it thickens fine hair. These clays will absorb sebum, oil, and all impurities, so they should be used sparingly not to dry out the hair. The clay can be used in shampoo as in a mask before shampoo.

Preparing The Clay Mask

In a bowl, only wooden, glass, or porcelain, pour a quantity of clay powder according to your hair. Add hot water until it forms a paste that is neither liquid nor thick. It must be smooth and creamy. Put all the preparation on the lengths and the scalp. Leave on with a self-heating cap or cling film for about 30 minutes without letting the clay dry completely, then rinse thoroughly. You can renew the operation every 6 weeks. After detox, a moisturizing mask is necessary to deeply hydrate the hair fiber after applying the conditioner or a nourishing mask for curly and frizzy hair.

Cutting Off The Tips

This is also the time to cut the ends to give your hair a final boost. They will need it to cut all the damaged parts and start again on a good basis for the following care. You know everything about the detox treatment for your return from vacation. But it is to be renewed every 4 to 6 weeks to eliminate from time to time all residues of encrusted styling product, sebum, and other impurities. By thoroughly cleaning, the hair will be less saturated with care and not sticky.

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