Diet For Cystitis: What To Eat And What Foods To Avoid?

What are the foods to avoid with cystitis? Let’s find some tips on how to regulate at the table with this disorder. Cystitis is a very annoying but also widespread pathology, especially among women. It affects 30-40% of the female population of childbearing age. It is accompanied by burning and pains in the lower abdomen, making it difficult to carry out normal daily activities.

It consists of an inflammation of the urinary tract caused by a bacterium.

This, starting from the urethra, goes up to the bladder and proliferates, intensifying the inflammation and producing discomfort, especially in the act of urination. Although this is a disorder that affects 1 in 2 women, luckily, there is no need to worry when it occurs or recurs. The causes that can provoke its appearance are various and depend on numerous factors.

In addition to those of a genetic, pathological, and hygienic nature, poor nutrition and poor daily

Hydration is fertile ground for the proliferation of the bacterium. To avoid the development of cystitis or the worsening of its condition, it is, therefore, advisable to follow an adequate and healthy nutritional regimen. So let’s see what to eat with cystitis and what foods to avoid.

Diet For Cystitis: Some Helpful Advice At The Table

When it comes to health, prevention is always better than cure. For cystitis and many other disorders, it is, therefore, advisable to adopt attitudes (at the table or not) to avoid its appearance. Since cystitis affects the bladder and urinary tract, hydration is one of the most important treatments. Drinking at least two liters of water a day is the best way to keep the whole body hydrated and dilute any bacterial concentration.

Likewise, consuming foods rich in fiber promotes bowel regularity and reduces the risk of bacterial proliferation. It is also necessary to limit the consumption of sugars to keep fit and avoid fat accumulations and, above all, to prevent pathogens from reproducing. Sugars are the food that inflammatory germs feed on. Finally, it is good to know that there are foods that are more acidic and irritating than others, which can promote inflammation of the bladder or make it worse. These include chocolate, coffee, and spicy foods.

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Foods To Avoid In Case Of Cystitis

Since this is a frequent disorder and not exclusively related to nutrition, a person may suffer from cystitis while following a healthy and balanced diet in the course of one’s life. In this case, treating it with drug therapy can help relieve the bladder more quickly. However, it is still advisable to take some dietary precautions to prevent the disorder (and painful symptoms) worsening.

At the top of the list of foods to avoid cystitis, we undoubtedly find junk food and industrial and processed foods.

Then follow salty foods and those rich in fats, such as red meat, condiments (butter, cream, lard), cheeses (especially fatty, seasoned, and spicy ones), sausages, and fried foods weigh down digestion and inflame the body. As already mentioned, sweets and sugars in general (soft drinks, sweeteners, and foods that contain added sugars ) must also be banned to prevent bacterial growth. The same goes for spirits and beer, which have yeast.

It is good to know that foods containing natural or artificial yeasts can alter the bacterial flora and favor the development of inflammation, so in case of cystitis, it would be advisable to avoid consuming them. Finally, if you really can’t help but avoid them, taking nervine drinks such as tea and coffee and more acidic foods such as strawberries, tomatoes, and lemons in moderation would be advisable.

What To Eat With Cystitis? Allowed Foods

Excluding the foods mentioned above, the ideal diet for cystitis does not require special precautions if a healthy, varied, and balanced diet is already followed. Yet, there are foods that, in addition to being good for the whole body, are useful for decreasing inflammation and promoting healing from this annoying disorder.

So what to eat with cystitis? Among the foods allowed, we find carbohydrates and ‘good’ sugars (not refined), therefore whole grains that are rich in fiber, fruit that contains fructose, milk, and derivatives such as light cheeses, and low-fat yogurt (rich in lactic ferments important for intestinal flora), white meat and fish better if fresh. Vegetables are essential and particularly useful in the case of cystitis since they provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and plenty of water. This is the case with courgette, cauliflower, fennel, spinach, and most green leafy vegetables.

Finally, before opting for drugs and medicines, it is worth taking some foods considered actual natural remedies for cystitis. Garlic, onion, celery, and cranberries are considered natural antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, as they possess properties capable of fighting infections and destroying the bacteria nested in the body. For this reason, starting the day with cranberry juice allows you to fill up on antioxidants and vitamin C, which benefit the immune system and the urinary tract.

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