Dietary Supplements For Men: You Should Rely On These 5 Nutrients

Throwing pills even though you are not sick is trendy right now. Regardless of whether you want more power and concentration or less stress: the right micro-nutrients are available as dietary supplements for all needs.

These are the 5 best nutritional supplements for men

Dietary supplements cannot, of course, completely replace a healthy diet, but they can improve well-being and performance and make the skin glow. We present the most influential power pills to you here.

1. Food supplement for more power

Supplements do not mutate from a leek to a muscle machine, but they help provide energy. The power duo of caffeine and the amino acid L-theanine increases performance without making you flutter. The immune booster vitamin C contributes to the normal formation of collagen, which is found in bones, muscles, and tendons. It thus reduces the risk of injury during training. The daily requirement is around 95 to 110 mg. Smokers need up to 40% more.

2. Food supplements for skin and hair

A few laugh lines around the eyes look sexy, but when you get out of bed in the morning as if you had been behind the caterpillar at night, you should more often do without the gin and tonic and resort to nutritional supplements instead:

  • Collagen peptides keep the skin firm and plump Wrinkles before.
  • Antioxidants make you look like you’ve slept seven hours.
  • Essential omega fatty acids nourish dry scalps from the inside, helping hair growth.

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3. Dietary supplements against stress

A hectic everyday life increases the body’s magnesium consumption. It is involved in over 300 metabolic processes. That is why it is also considered an anti-stress mineral that contributes to the normal functioning of the psyche and the nervous system. Nutri experts recommend an intake of 400 mg per day. Do you want to chill out without being intoxicated? Products with legal cannabidiol (CBD) are currently all the rage, make you balanced, give you deeper sleep and let you cope better with stress.

4. Food supplement for potency

Certain plants made the Peruvian and Indian indigenous peoples look good: the Incas already used maca to promote fertility and an aphrodisiac. The ground tuber has a multitude of minerals and vitamins that stimulate metabolism. On the other hand, Ayurvedic healing has relied on the power from the ground Shatavari root for centuries. The traditional medicinal plant is full of antioxidants, stimulates the libido, and – taken in moderation – reduce stress.

5. Food supplements for a better mood

Even as a toddler, a cup of hot chocolate had a calming effect. The variant for big boys: raw cocoa boosts the mood with its high dopamine content and has a lot of magnesium – great for muscles and nerves. Also crucial for a positive attitude: Vitamin D, which the body produces from sunlight. In our part of the world, this is only possible from March to October – in winter, experts recommend adding supplements to reduce the risk of depression.

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