Digital Aging: 5 Tips Against The Screen Face

The blue light from smartphones, laptops, TVs, and tablets attacks the skin. In contrast to the white light of the sun, blue light is even more harmful. The so-called HEV light (HEV = high-energy visible) penetrates deeper into the skin than UV radiation, which consists of UVA and UVB rays.

This so-called HEV light leads to the formation of free radicals in our cells, which destroy the DNA and lead to pale skin, wrinkles, pigment spots, or other premature signs of aging. In addition, HEV light can ruin the skin’s natural protective barrier. This makes it easier for other harmful substances to penetrate the skin.

What is a screen face?

The destruction of connective tissue fibers such as elastin and collagen, which are responsible for the resilience and elasticity of the skin, can lead to the so-called screen face in pronounced cases, which is noticeable with wrinkled skin and general slackening of the fascial connective tissue.

In some cases, oxidative stress also makes the skin drier. This makes it a perfect breeding ground for eczema to develop. We’ll tell you here how you can protect yourself from digital aging.

Digital aging: 5 tips against the screen face

1. Take conscious offline times

Simple but very effective: consciously treat yourself to offline moments. In this way, you can effectively avoid the harmful HEV light for a specific time instead of z. For example, if you spend hours clicking through Instagram in the evening or binge on Netflix, you should turn off the glowing screens and read a book or listen to a radio play for a change.

2. Activate the blue light filter

Some smartphones and tablets already have certain blue light filters that can reduce radiation. Many devices also have so-called night modes, in which the HEV light is filtered. Smartphones with free apps such as “Twilight” or “Night Screen” for Android devices are becoming easier to fold. With the night mode “Night Shift”, the iPhone has a built-in blue filter.

3. Wear glasses with a blue light filter

The eyes and the delicate, crease-prone area around the eyes can be protected when working on the computer with blue-light glasses that filter the blue light.

4. Take proper diet

The correct use of blue light devices is essential, and a balanced diet can also help against the screen face. Antioxidants and secondary plant substances protect the skin from the inside out. Such foods as tomatoes, broccoli, kale, avocados, blueberries, citrus fruits, and nuts should land on the plate.

5. Skincare

Yes, men should also think about skincare, especially when it comes to digital aging. Again, antioxidant ingredients that fight against free radicals help. In principle, they are already suitable for HEV protection. But only beauty products that have been specially developed to ward off blue light are guaranteed to be effective.

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