Discover All The Benefits Of Jojoba Wax

Nicknamed the Gold of Mexico, jojoba wax is removed from jojoba seeds. Very little oily; its tone is near gold, emitting a slight hazelnut smell. Typical money in beauty products and hair care, jojoba is a genuine jewel that the skin absorbs impeccably. Without a doubt, the synthesis of this vegetable wax is like human sebum. Notwithstanding, jojoba wax exists in 1% of beauty care products sold in stores. So why not use it to capitalize on the entirety of its excellence ideals?

The Origins Of Jojoba Wax: Much More Than A Vegetable Oil

Jojoba is a dry plant that fills fundamentally in Mexico, Arizona, and southern California deserts. Generally called Wild Hazelnut, Desert Gold, or Mexican Gold, the underlying foundations of this plant, estimated at almost 30 meters, permit it to draw dampness from desert soils.

This wild hazel tree produces oilseeds from which liquid jojoba wax is removed by cool squeezing. It is frequently called oil, yet it is a vegetable wax. Its fluid construction recognizes it from other vegetable oils. It confounds, especially by its detailing, like the sebum we create. With a dry touch, it is very saturating while at the same time assisting with controlling the overabundance of sebum.

The Virtues And Uses Of Liquid Jojoba Wax

A vegetable wax with moisturizing and nourishing benefits for the hair

Rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, jojoba wax is involved in hair repair. It plays a role in regulating sebum production and is useful for oily hair. It is also an ally for dry hair, bringing suppleness, vitality, and shine. They will also be nourished and hydrated.

To optimize the effects of jojoba on your hair, do not hesitate to mix the wax with the essential oil of Ylang Ylang or castor oil. For dry hair, apply jojoba wax as a hair mask – which you can leave overnight or at least 2 hours – before your shampoo. Massage your scalp with a tablespoon of vegetable wax before your shampoo for oily hair.

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Skincare To Limit The Appearance Of Wrinkles

Rich in omega 3, jojoba vegetable wax helps destroy free radicals that cause skin aging.

You can use it as an evening treatment on the skin. It wonderfully moisturizes the epidermis to restore your face’s elasticity. Gently pat your face on the areas you want to target: around the lips, forehead, or corner of the eyes. No wrinkles yet? Just enjoy the highly hydrating properties of this desert gold.

Liquid Jojoba Wax To Fight Acne

With its composition similar to that of sebum, vegetable liquid wax strengthens and restores the hydrolipidic film of the epidermis. It limits the proliferation of bacteria and regulates sebum production in oily skin. Our advice: mix jojoba wax with a few drops of tea tree essential oil and apply it to your face. Tea tree is the ideal treatment for acne-prone skin but can tend to dry out the treated area. This is why its association with jojoba protects your epidermis without greasing your skin.

Jojoba Wax With Healing Properties

Finally, the liquid jojoba wax promotes healing and regenerates the epidermis cells. Did you know it was used, for example, to care for piercings? Apply a drop or two of wax and massage gently. And because it fights against free radicals, it soothes redness and irritation and reduces stretch marks. On these areas, apply a good layer that you massage and leave for a few hours. As you will have understood, jojoba wax – or jojoba oil – is suitable for all skin types and all ages, from infants to adults.

How To Choose Jojoba Wax?

If jojoba wax is a miracle for our skin and the beauty of hair, whatever the type, this is all the more true if you buy it organic and from fair trade. In particular, check its origin and whether labels are specified on the packaging. Also, ensure it is a cold-extracted wax (or oil, depending on the product’s name). No contraindication is specified for jojoba vegetable wax. On the other hand, it is important to note that, unlike certain vegetable oils and butter, it is not edible. In short, by buying it pure, you can vary its uses and prepare your mixtures perfectly adapted to your needs.

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