Even A Tiny Tummy Carries Enormous Health Risks

The famous bacon rolls on the stomach disturb the aesthetics and can also be at the expense of health because if it gets too lush in this region, there may be “inner belly fat” lurking underneath.

Many women find it lovable when their husband carries a tiny tummy in front of him. But the #Dad bod ( short for “Dad Body,” i.e. body based on the model of our generation of fathers ) is sometimes not as harmless as many think. The inner belly fat, also known as visceral fat, is particularly problematic for health.

The Difference Between Inner And Outer Belly Fat

First of all, you have to differentiate between inner and outer belly fat: Classic subcutaneous fat, the famous bacon rolls. Anything below this is known as inner belly fat. This wraps around internal organs in the abdominal area and can be dangerous.

The Dangers Of Inner Belly Fat

“The inner belly fat is a large gland that produces harmful messenger substances. And these trigger inflammatory reactions in the body,” explains Dr. Riedl.

In patients with a lot of visceral fat, the inflammation values ​​are increased by up to a hundred times. This is an extreme burden on the cardiovascular system and could take revenge directly with the hardening of the arteries. Doctors call it metabolic syndrome when belly fat is associated with high blood pressure, increased blood sugar, and unhealthy fat metabolism. Shocking: Three of the four factors are said to massively increase the risk of a life-threatening heart attack or stroke. The metabolic syndrome is therefore often referred to as the fatal quartet.

But that’s not all: Inner belly fat and its accompanying symptoms quickly affect the kidneys. “And it is underestimated by many that with the onset of renal insufficiency and appropriate dialysis, life expectancy is only about seven years,” emphasizes Dr. Riedl. The dangers presented threatened male and female patients alike. In addition, there is a high risk of dementia, “since the minimal immunological inflammation that sets the inner abdominal fat in motion also affects brain function.” Statistically speaking, women are more likely to be affected by this.

Bad Diet And Lack Of Exercise Are To Blame

The cause of the development of visceral fat is usually a combination of poor diet and lack of exercise. He warns against most types of carbohydrates and especially against sugar. “Our diet is affluent in bread, rice and pasta. That would be fine if they were burned too. Most of them don’t do that and instead sit a lot. The carbohydrates that are then stored in the fat cells can turn into dangerous belly fat. “An enormous problem that not least – and in this case particularly fatal – also affects children.

“It is always said that life expectancy is higher these days. This does not affect the generation that is being born now,” warns Dr. Riedl. He reports on children’s patients who, due to their devastating fat levels, already have to struggle with diseases at a young age that otherwise affects older adults: high blood pressure and adult diabetes, i.e. type 2 diabetes. With such a finding in childhood, the age of 60 is difficult to reach.

When Is The Belly Fat Percentage Too High?

With a tape measure between the ribs and pelvic bones, you can determine whether the proportion of belly fat is in the dangerous range. “It becomes critical for women when the waist circumference is over 88 centimetres. In men, there is a need for action at the latest at 102 centimetres. “As a rule of thumb, the circumference of the waist multiplied by a factor of two should not exceed the body size.

How Can Visceral Fat Be Reduced?

If you want to reduce your inner belly fat, you should stop drinking alcohol for a while, avoid large meals and start exercising. The training should take place at least three times a week – around 45 minutes each time. Mediziner Riedl also considers it essential that the respective sport is suitable for you. If you have to overcome yourself first, for example, to go swimming, you should consider whether walking might not be a better choice.

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