Everything You Need To Know About Riding Electric Bikes in LA

Most people dread their commute to work, especially in Los Angeles traffic, but electric bikes can make this daily trip more pleasant. They come with many benefits and features. There are also different styles to choose from, making your life easier in the City of Angels no matter where or when you ride. Keep these essential points in mind when thinking about riding electric bikes in LA.

Benefits of Electric Bikes

There are a lot of benefits to electric bikes, especially in LA. With so many people commuting by car to work every day, many opt to avoid the traffic jams and ride a bike instead. An electric bike makes your ride easier and smoother. If you ask any bike commuter to name the worst thing about cycling, they would most likely mention the hills. The motor in an electric bike compensates for these by giving you extra oomph in your pedaling. The amount of assistance it gives is also adjustable if you find that you need more help or less.

For those interested in tracking their miles and riding times, electric bikes have got you covered there, too. A built-in display tracks this info and also shows battery charge, motor power, and more.

There are also huge environmental benefits of electric bikes. Although they need to be charged with power, many charging stations in LA are solar-powered. Even if you do opt to charge your bike off electricity from fossil fuels, it doesn’t produce any emissions when riding, so there’s still an environmental benefit.

Finding the Best Bike for You

There are many things to consider when choosing an electric bike:

  • Terrain
  • Your build/body shape
  • The bike’s frame size
  • Storage

The type of terrain you’ll be traversing is the most influential factor in picking a bike. If you’re planning to ride on the beaches of LA, consider looking at an electric beach cruiser. This same style would be good for those who ride on trails or rougher terrain. However, if you’re intending to commute to work or cycle on the streets for exercise, a lighter style would be best.

The next thing to consider when shopping for a bike is the build and body of both you and the bike. Those wanting the best women’s electric bike should look for one with a lightweight, smaller frame. If you’re a lighter person or have a small body build, the same applies to you. If you have a bigger frame or build, look at bikes for men. Overall, terrain dictates the sizing of the bike’s frame more than who it’s marketed to, but there’s no reason to get a bulky bike that’s too heavy for you (or vice versa).

The last important thing to many bikers is storage on their ride. If you’re biking as a form of exercise or have a long commute, it’s a priority that your bike has space for water. If you’re a beach-goer, you’ll probably want a storage compartment for towels or sunscreen.

With so many options and so many benefits, there’s no reason not to start shopping for an electric bike today.

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