Eyelash Lamination Or Extensions: Which Is Better For Your Eyelashes?

It’s useless to deny it, we all resort to tricks to have doe gaze and magnetic eyes a la Liz Taylor. The good news is that several beauty treatments give you long, thick lashes with long-lasting results including eyelash lifts and eyelash extensions. But which treatment is best suited for your lashes? What are the differences? Let’s start right away by saying that these are two techniques that treat eyelashes differently:

  • Lash lamination works on natural lashes instead of adding synthetic ones
  • Eyelash extensions consist in adding “false” eyelashes to the natural ones

Now make yourself comfortable and find out everything there is to know about these two most famous treatments on the web.

What Is Eyelash Lamination?

Eyelash lamination thickens natural eyelashes thanks to a serum based on vitamins and substances such as keratin, which revitalizes, strengthens, and deeply hydrates with a shutter speed of about an hour. The procedure first involves cleaning the work area around the eyes, then the curvature of the eyelashes with the aid of silicone molds (permanent), and finally the application of the nourishing serum. This technique is very delicate and it is essential to use high-quality products, which is why it is always better to contact professionals in the sector.

Eyelash Lamination: How Long Does It Last And When Do I See The Effects?

Compared to other techniques such as extensions, which require touch-ups every two weeks, lamination promises lasting effects as it works directly on your eyelashes. However, you will have to arm yourself with patience, because at least 3 or 4 sessions are needed to see noticeable results. But it’s worth it because you will be able to enjoy your dream lashes much longer than with extensions.

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Eyelash Lamination: Contraindications

Lamination has no particular contraindications. Slight redness may appear in the first 24 hours but disappear immediately because the technique is minimally invasive.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are an aesthetic treatment that involves applying false eyelashes over natural ones. The aim is to increase the length, curvature, and volume of your natural eyelashes. False eyelashes can be made of real hair, synthetic material, or silk fiber. The price of the treatment varies greatly depending on the material chosen.

  • Eyelash extensions – involves applying individual false eyelashes over the real ones for a more natural result.
  • Eyelash thickening – consists of attaching small tufts of false eyelashes to natural eyelashes for a more eye-catching look.

The treatment requires at least an hour of application and the cost varies according to the type of technique and the beauty center chosen: on average, it ranges from €100 to €200 for the first application, while touch-ups can vary from €50 to 100€.

Warning: eyelash extensions are not a treatment suitable for everyone. If you have too short and weak eyelashes, avoid them. False eyelashes are applied with a special glue to the lash line, alternating them with natural eyelashes. Therefore you need healthy, robust, and strong eyelashes to support eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Extensions: Pros And Cons

Like any aesthetic treatment, eyelash extensions also have pros and cons. Let’s see them in detail.


  • The eyelashes are longer and thicker, giving an intense look
  • The treatment is neither painful nor invasive
  • Eyelash extensions can be made up (just don’t use oily make-up removers and waterproof products)


  • Eyelash extensions have a limited duration of 4-5 weeks.
  • It is necessary to make periodic touch-ups to thicken the eyelashes.
  • You should avoid rubbing your eyes so as not to compromise the treatment.
  • Allergies to eyelash glue may occur.
  • The treatment requires care and maintenance (every day it is necessary to comb and cleanse the false eyelashes with a specific product).

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Eyelash Extensions: How Long Do They Last?

After the first application, eyelash extensions have an average duration ranging from 3 to 5 weeks. With the cyclical fall of the eyelashes, false eyelashes are also lost, causing small holes. To always have perfect eyelashes, we recommend filling sessions (also called refills or touch-ups) every 3-4 weeks.

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