Fitness – Full Body Routine For Beginners

Factors To Take Into Account:

  • It is a full-body routine mainly for newbies, although it can be very useful for intermediates, making some modifications, although for intermediates this other routine is more indicated.
  • Being for beginners, the goal of the routine is: BASIC EXERCISES, HIGH FREQUENCY, GAIN A BASIS OF STRENGTH AND ENOUGH TECHNIQUE.
  • As a newbie does the routine, the weight can improve on a weekly basis.
  • Let nobody be nervous because there are few isolation exercises and suffer because the weak points of the body are not worked. If you are a beginning person, your whole body is a weak point.
  • There are two trainings, A and B. They are repeated weekly in ABA, BAB.
  • This routine is a version of the STRONGLIFTS 5 × 5, with accessory exercises to add volume.

Routine A

  • Deep Squat                           5 series     5 reps
  • Press Banking A                   5 series     5 reps
  • Inclined Row with Bar         5 series     5 reps
  • Trapezius shrink                  3 series     8 reps
  • French Press                        3 series     8 reps
  • Biceps Curl with Supination 3 series    8 reps
  • Femoral Curl                        2 series     10 reps
  • Abs (to choose)                   3 series     10-15 reps

Routine B

  • Deep Squat                                                         5 series    5 reps
  • Deadweight                                                        1 series    5 reps
  • Military Press                                                     5 series    5 reps
  • Incline Row with Bar (-10% that I train A)     5 series    5 reps
  • Press Bench Narrow Grip                                  3 series    8 reps
  • Barbell Biceps Curl                                            3 series    8 reps
  • Abs                                                                     3 series    10-15 repetitions

Weight Progression

  • The basic exercises should be prioritized over the isolation exercises, it is much more important to improve in the squat than to get bolted in the bicep curl.
  • You should gain weight weekly in all 5 × 5 exercises. In squats 2.5 kilos per side, in the other 1.25. That means that every time you exercise, you have to gain weight. In the bench press, for example, you will increase 1.25 kilos per side each time you do workout A. But in the squat, which is done A and B, you will increase 2.5 kilos per side in each workout.
  • If you carry out 2 training sessions in a row in which in a specific exercise the 5 × 5 are not completed or you cannot gain weight, the weight is reduced by 15% and you start again. This is called a strategic download, which will be the main way to maintain progression.

Download: I don’t think a structured download is needed, newbies shouldn’t need it as an intermediate or an advanced. If the limit has really been exceeded, it can take a week of 50% training, but as a sporadic case, not as part of the routine.

Exercise Changes: Some exercises can be swapped, such as alternate curl for barbell curl, or incline row for Pendlay row. There are others who DO NOT CHANGE. The Squat IS NOT CHANGED. THE DEAD WEIGHT IS NOT CHANGED. The Military Press and the Banking Press do not either.

Routine B: In the second routine, -10% of the Rowing is to do a 5 × 5 with 10% less weight than what was done in Routine A.


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