Five Quick And Easy Hair Curling Techniques

Five ways to get natural waves, both cold and using irons and tweezers without complicating our lives

Most women with straight hair have wanted to see themselves with wavy or curly hair at some time (if not, every now and then). The heat tools to get it at home today are available to almost anyone. But that doesn’t mean we have the expertise or the time to get some flattering waves to hit the streets with.

For those who are in that position, we have compiled five quick and easy techniques to curl the hair, both using irons and tweezers without complicating our lives, and cold.

The Ponytail Trick

After detangling the hair well, we make a ponytail at a medium-high height (not at the crown of the head). Once the tail is made, we must select partitions in the hair that will be more or less numerous depending on the amount of hair and the thickness. In each partition we will do the same: apply a touch of fixing spray and mold the partition with the tweezers or irons. The ideal way to fix the wave is to reapply the fixer and leave the strand gathered with a clamp while we continue with the rest of the hair.

Tip: to control the time necessary for the curl to be marked on the hair we can touch it and check if it heats up. When we notice that the hair has gotten enough temperature, we can remove the heat tool.

Once we finish with the entire ponytail hair, we will check the result by releasing the clips first and the ponytail last. Once the hair is loose, we can open the waves with the tips of the fingers so that they acquire more volume and are more natural.

It is an ideal technique for women with a lot of hair, as it saves a lot of time.

Another version of this same technique for those with long hair is to make a ponytail on the forehead and make the waves. This way, the waves will be centered from the middle to the ends.

No Heat Technique

For this method, we have to resort to fixing foam and impregnate all the previously detangled hair. Then we will collect all the hair in a high ponytail and we will brush and roll sections with the help of our fingers as if to simulate that we are wearing curlers.

We will hold each rolled section with tweezers until all the hair is finished and we will leave it long enough for the waves to set (depending on the type of hair and the amount).

Once the necessary time has elapsed for the shape to set in the hair, we just have to undo the rolled strands with our hands and open the curls.

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Two Monkeys

Another cold technique with which to get hair wavy with a very natural finish. We just have to divide the hair into two sections, making the part in the middle behind the head and start twisting each one from the front strands so that they are tight to the head. Then, we fasten each twisted section to the sides giving rise to two little bows and fasten them with rubber bands or hairpins.

Tip: to get a more pronounced wave we can moisten the hair before making the bows or even apply a fixing product.

We keep the hairstyle until the hair dries completely (the longer we leave it, the more marked the result will be) and undo the bows to comb the hair with our fingers and open the waves. We can comb it upside down and apply a little hairspray to set the finish and add volume.

Technique With Twist

Apart from the bows and curlers, another way to get the hair to curl without heat is to twist it with the help of a stocking or a scarf. That is, make a kind of two-strand braid in which one end is the scarf or the stocking and the other, the hair. To do this, we can collect the hair in a high ponytail and divide it into two sections. In this way, we will obtain two braids with two strands ( or more, if we have a large amount of hair) that we can hold by making a bow on the crown.

To obtain a more pronounced wave, it is advisable to apply, once the “twists” have been made, a texturizing or fixing product. And, once the appropriate time has elapsed, we undo the bun and the two braids, as well as the high ponytail. Then it’s time to open the waves with your fingers and look for a natural finish.

Handkerchief Trick

Using a bandana or hair, we can achieve incredible long-lasting waves without much effort. For this, it is convenient to start by moistening the hair. Then we will place the hair band perpendicularly, on the forehead. This arrangement will allow us to link the strands of hair with the ribbon. At first, we will do it with finer strands that will thicken as we collect all the hair.

The idea is to roll the strands in the scarf until all the hair is completely collected. Once finished, we will leave the hairstyle until the hair has completely dried (the more, the more definition we will achieve in the waves).

When removing the handkerchief we can comb the hair with our fingers simply or pass a comb so that they open slightly and are more natural. It will always depend on the finish we prefer.

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