Lose Weight Faster! Five Tips To Increase Your Calorie Consumption When Exercising

Sport is fun – no question about it. But many women – and men – regularly slip into their sports shoes because they want to lose a few pounds. But what’s the quickest way to do this?

Losing weight works pretty well with exercise. Exercising burns a lot of calories. This applies to endurance sports that make you sweat, such as jogging or aerobics, and to strength training on machines or with your body weight.

To make the trip to the gym or out for a jog worthwhile, you should get the most out of yourself and follow these five tips with which you can increase your calorie consumption during exercise:

Interval Training

Interval training is the best way to increase calorie burn during exercise. In interval training, you alternate fast and slow intervals. You play with the intensity and according to studies, working out with short recovery phases burns many calories.

Practical: You can use interval training for all sports where you determine the speed and intensity yourself. When jogging, you run faster. You pedal quicker or increase the resistance on the cross trainer or the exercise bike. You can choose the duration of your intervals yourself. For example, alternate five-minute intervals if you’re reasonably fit. But shorter or longer ones are also possible. Just do a bit of testing and find your level.

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Work With An Incline

You can burn a few more calories on the treadmill by increasing the incline. This makes running more strenuous, and the body has to work harder.

Tie In Arms

Even if you train your legs while running or on the cross trainer, you can still do something for your arms simultaneously. Get wrist weights if you jog regularly. This will train your arms more and burn calories. Those who race outside can take a few breaks and do strength exercises or jumping jacks. On the cross trainer, you use the bars for your arms and integrate them powerfully into the movement.

Exercise Five Minutes Longer

Five minutes doesn’t sound like much, but those few minutes add up to a few calories. Depending on what kind of sport you do and how fast or intensively you are on the move, you can burn around 50 extra calories in five minutes. It’s worth it!

Working With The Body

Strength training is also essential if you want to burn calories. Muscles are built up and even burn calories when you’re lazily sitting on the sofa! All exercises you do with your body as weight are particularly effective. Push-ups or dips, just like lunges and squats. More muscle groups are used than with fitness equipment.

Tip: If you follow these five tips, you should also pay a little attention to your diet before and after exercising – otherwise, the extra calories you have burned will be fed back in no time. Eat a light meal, such as plain yoghurt with fruit or a slice of wholemeal bread, about one to two hours before exercise. After exercising, you should leave pizza and pasta on the side and instead reach for protein-rich foods and dishes: low-fat quark, lean chicken, tomato-mozzarella, or natural yoghurt.

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