Bye, Cornea! Foot Masks Are The New Beauty Trend

Nobody likes unsightly calluses on their feet. Thanks to foot masks, this should now be over. We reveal everything about the beauty trend.

After we could hide our feet in boots and thick socks in winter, it’s time for some fresh air. However, calluses, unsightly cracks, and white spots on the feet often throw a spanner in the works.

For those who still don’t feel like a pedicure, this beauty trend should be just right: foot masks are supposed to ensure silky-soft feet and remove calluses. And all without pumice and Co.

Foot Masks: How To Use Them

The foot masks are not a cream you must apply to your feet but thin “socks” that come around your feet. These are soaked in a special serum. You can think of them as sheet masks for the face.

The Application is relatively uncomplicated: put on the foot masks like regular socks. But be careful. Some veneers are pretty thin and can tear easily. Now you let the whole thing work for one to one and a half hours, depending on the package instructions.

Make sure you don’t have to get up during this – otherwise, it could make quite a mess on the floor. So it’s best to grab a good book or an exciting series and put your feet up for the time being.

Foot Masks: The Most Popular Masks On The Net

There are many foot masks with different effects. Some foot masks ensure that the callus peels off. Others moisturise, and still, others gently exfoliate the feet. Here are our three favourites.

1: For Baby-Soft Feet: Scholl Foot Mask

The foot mask from School is quite popular. However, this does not ensure that the calluses come off but moisturises the feet thanks to ingredients such as Urea and shea butter. Another advantage is the short application time: the foot mask only has to be used for 20 minutes. Satisfied users report baby-soft feet after use.

2: For Less Calloused Skin: Foot Mask From Summer Foot

The foot mask from Summer Foot promises callus-free feet after just one application. The cover should be worn tightly on foot for a maximum of two hours. After 5-7 days, the skin on the feet becomes dry and begins to peel. You can then carefully remove them from your feet.

3: From The Drugstore: Foot Mask From Balea

The Balea foot mask also ensures that dead skin cells are easily detached from healthy skin. The cover should be worn for 30-60 minutes. The callus also peels off the feet after about seven days.

Caution: You should read the package instructions carefully, especially for the foot masks that remove calluses. Observe the maximum exposure time and do not use the foot masks too often. If you don’t have a lot of calluses on your feet, we recommend a moisturising foot mask.

Foot Masks In The Feminine Test

We tested two-foot masks for you. One of them moisturises the skin on the feet and is said to make the baby soft, and the other removes calluses.

This Is What The Foot Mask From Balea Promises:

The Balea foot care should give the feet intensive moisture and also make stressed feet soft again. After just 20 minutes, the skin should feel more peaceful, smoother, and more cared for.

Evaluation Of The Feminine Editors:

The mask is straightforward to use. You pull the care socks over your feet and then secure them with the enclosed adhesive strips. The scent of the show is delightful. After the recommended exposure time, the feet felt significantly softer than before. However, anyone with severe corneal problems will not be happy with this. For the price, the mask is a great takeaway item from the drugstore.

Our Tip: Put on a pair of cosy socks, even better non-slip socks, over the foot masks. On the one hand, the shows hold up better (the adhesive strip comes off relatively quickly), and on the other hand, you can walk around carefully during the exposure time.

This Is What The Star Skin Mask Promises:

The foot mask promises to remove calluses and loose skin cells effectively. Thanks to the innovative formula, callus removal should be particularly gentle. The show leaves the skin soft and smooth after use.

Evaluation Of The Feminine Editors:

This foot mask is also pretty easy to use. However, care should be taken not to exceed the specified exposure time. If you take off the show, nothing happens at first. After about two weeks, the skin then begins to peel. At first, only small pieces of callus came off, but over time it became more and more. The application was not painful at all. However, there is a small deduction for the price. However, the mask removes more calluses than pumice stone and the like and is worth it.

Our Tip: Only use the mask if you can go without sandals for at least two to three weeks. The peeling process of the callus takes some time, and the feet are not particularly attractive during this time.

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