Get A Perfect Look In Five Steps

Would you like to get the perfect look? Looking for tips or tricks to put on eye makeup? The famous saying says that the look is the mirror of the soul. Working on the eyebrows, eyelashes, eyelids, and dark circles with the right products and techniques is essential to achieve the heart-stopping look you’ve always dreamed of.

Perfect Look in 5 Steps

Here we go over the five basic steps to get the perfect look. You have to keep order and use quality makeup products:

The clean and hydrated face before putting makeup on your eyes

Before starting to do your makeup, you should know that the first fundamental step is to clean and hydrate your face to ensure that the products you use afterward can be used correctly. Use micellar water to remove traces of impurities and apply your daily moisturizer and eye contour. In this way, you will achieve a uniform finish of your makeup base and concealer, and you will bring luminosity and elasticity to your skin.

Frame your gaze

The next step is to define your eyebrows to frame your look. Comb your eyebrow with a goupillon and draw it with the mine. You can make up the eyebrow hair by hair or fill in gaps, depending on the technique’s control and precision or the time you have to do your eye makeup.

Experiment and discover the infinite possibilities to make up your eyebrows and get a perfect look! Use a pencil that offers both possibilities. In this way, you can fill in with the broad tip for daily makeup and the narrow tip for more elaborate makeup.

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The perfect eyeliner

One of the techniques that most resists us is eyeliner or eyeliner. It is a matter of practice, so the more times you try, the better the result you will get in your eyes. For beginners, the easiest method is to use a highlighter eyeliner. Depending on the finish that best suits your style or eye look, you can try a wide tip or a fine tip. Start by drawing the corner and fill it in. Finally, slide the marker flush with the upper lashes to join the corner you had already drawn.

If you prefer a smoky look, you can use pencil eyeliner, which you can blend to achieve a ripped look.

Infinite and volume lashes

Use mascara with different effects or finishes ( push up or false lashes) or add length and volume to your natural lashes. We recommend shaping them with an eyelash curler before applying your mascara and removing makeup thoroughly before going to sleep. To prevent them from falling off or weakening, you can soak a cotton pad, let it act for a few minutes, and then massage without applying force and making small circular movements.

Take care of your eyelashes by opting for alternatives that respect their strength, thanks to the action of ingredients such as Keratin or Panthenol. Lift the look with the mascara application, and your look will be a trend.

The touch of color for your perfect look

If you want to add a touch of color to your eyelid, you can opt for a more elaborate or straightforward colored eye makeup. Cream shadows are so versatile that they facilitate makeup and allow results from the most natural to the most festive looks.

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