Get Rid Of Yellow Teeth: Here Are The Tricks To Follow To Make Teeth White

White and well-groomed teeth are considered an ideal of beauty. No wonder that women pay particular attention to a pleasant and beautiful smile on their first date. But unfortunately, things like nicotine, red wine, tea, and coffee often thwart the bill. Because: Wrong foods discolor the teeth and make them look yellow, pale, and neglected. Simply brushing your teeth often doesn’t help.

We’ll tell you here which tricks help against discolored teeth and how you can get them sparkling white again in no time at all.

Whiter teeth: With these tricks, you can whiten your teeth again in no time

1. Tip for white teeth: Proper nutrition

Black coffee and some types of tea leave unsightly dark edges in porcelain cups. Anything that stains porcelain also makes our teeth look pale.

But did you know that some foods can strengthen your teeth and even make them whiter? Suppliers of calcium such as milk or cheese, for example, can help strengthen teeth. Those who consume whole grain products or raw vegetables frequently stimulate the flow of saliva in the mouth.

Among other things, saliva washes away food residues and neutralizes acids that attack tooth enamel. And if you like to snack, you should use nuts instead of discoloring chocolate. By the way: stay away from acidic drinks such as lemonades or fruit juices – they promote the breakdown of tooth enamel.

2. Tip for white teeth: oil pulling

Oil pulling is an old trick from ayurvedic medicine. Rinsing your mouth with vegetable oils for 15 minutes each morning kills toxins. So neither germs nor bacteria have a chance.

Another plus: The oil leaves a protective film on the teeth that binds germs and bacteria and prevents periodontal disease and stains. So it’s perfect for protecting teeth from future discoloration.

3. Tip for white teeth: good care

Simple brushing is often not enough to keep your teeth shiny. If you want well-cared for and shiny teeth, you can’t avoid flossing and mouthwash.

The reason: A simple toothbrush does not get into the interdental spaces well, but food residues often accumulate there, causing germs and bacteria to form that discolor the interdental spaces. Darkened gaps that cast shadows over the rest of the tooth make the teeth generally look more yellow.

So the trick is to floss at least once a day to remove any residue. If you rinse with mouthwash for about a minute afterward, you will kill the last of the bacteria.

4. Tip for white teeth: whitening

If the little tricks don’t help anymore, then more strenuous guns have to be deployed. The solution is bleaching with the bleaching agent hydrogen peroxide. Not only can Hollywood stars conjure up a 1000 watt smile with professional tooth whitening, more and more “normal people” want professional whitening.

There are different application methods, depending on the degree of discoloration. This treatment lasts for up to two years if the teeth are healthy and not dead. In any case, you should first seek professional advice from a dentist. Unfortunately, dentures and fillings cannot be chemically lightened.

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