Glossing For The Hair: This Is How The Trend Treatment Works

A new trend has conquered the beauty scene in recent months: hair glossing. We reveal what glossing can do and how you use it.

Fresh from the hairdresser, our hair still has a great, intense colour and looks beautifully shiny. Unfortunately, after just a few weeks, the colour fades again. She becomes dull, and a yellow veil wraps around her. However, it is often impossible to go straight back to the hairdresser in stressful everyday life, and it is also too expensive. today let us discuss completely about the The importance of hair care in our blog.

With a gloss, you can bridge a few weeks until the next visit to the hairdresser. This refreshes the hair colour and gives the hair a new shine. In recent years, the Shine Treatment has developed into a real trend. We’ll tell you what you should know about glossing and how to use it.

What Is A Gloss?

If you’ve ever dyed your hair at the hairdresser’s, then you’re probably already familiar with glossing. A gloss is often applied after bleaching to neutralise unwanted undertones and give the hair colour the finishing touch.

In principle, you can imagine glossing as a gentle hair tint. It brings out the previously created hair colour even better and refines it. The gloss provides shine and underlines the hair colour without changing it.

A gloss does not only have an optical effect on your hair. It nourishes the hair intensively, builds up the hair structure from the inside out and makes it nice and supple again. After glossing, the hair immediately looks much healthier and well-groomed.

Of course, the care effect of the glossing varies depending on the product. Especially if you carry out such Treatment at home, you should inform yourself about the product beforehand.

Who Is Glossing Suitable For?

In principle, glossing is suitable for all hair types. It can be individually adapted to the needs of the hair. For example, there is pure gloss glossing, which does not change the hair colour but makes it look fresher and more radiant. Such a gloss is comparable to intensive hair Treatment, such as Olaplex.

However, there are also glossings with colour pigments. However, these are usually very weak and cannot be compared with permanent hair colouration. Glossing is suitable for you if you:

  • Have dyed hair and want to refresh the hair colour
  • Have dyed hair and want to neutralise unwanted undertones
  • Have freshly coloured hair and want to make the colour last longer
  • Have natural hair that needs new radiance
  • I have brittle and dry hair and want to care for it intensively.

Glossing is particularly suitable for bleached hair to eliminate the yellow tinge. Special glossing with silver pigments is then used to refine the blonde. Such a Treatment is also well suited for balayage or strands. If you have brown hair, you can also use coloured glossing. With this, your hair colour’s light or dark nuances can be improved.

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How Much Does A Gloss Cost?

Of course, the cost of glossing depends heavily on which variant you choose. Such Treatment at the hairdresser costs around 30 euros and only takes a few minutes. Find out beforehand whether your salon offers shine Treatment. Aveda, Wella or La Biosthetique salons, for example, offer glossings.

If you decide to do it at home, you can get away with it a little cheaper. However, you should find out beforehand which glossing is right for you. Of course, the salon does not need advice with the DIY variant. We, therefore, recommend that you read reviews of the respective products beforehand and look for before and after photos of customers who have already tried the glossing. Then there are no nasty surprises waiting for you at the end.

Glossing At Home – Is That Possible?

You can only get a professional gloss from a hairdresser. However, more and more companies have noticed the trend toward hair glossing and are now also offering the popular Treatment at home. The glosses at home are comparable to a conventional colour refresher Treatment, with an intensive care Treatment or a light tint – depending on whether you opt for the version with or without colour.

Is Glossing Harmful?

If you decide on glossing with colour, the colour, care and developer will be mixed in the hairdressing salon and individually adjusted to your hair tone. Glossing is much gentler than tinting or even colouring.

A gloss without colour pigments is similar to intensive Treatment and does not attack your hair.

How Long Does A Gloss Last?

How long a gloss lasts depends on the hair type and can vary greatly. On average, a gloss lasts about 4-6 weeks. You can refresh it anytime with a professional, even without treating your hair with a hair colour beforehand. You can repeat the application anytime if you decide to do the glossing at home.

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