Grandma’s Best Tricks For Smooth Skin

To have clear and luminous skin, it is necessary to take care of and nourish it regularly. Truck Mania has prepared some tips for you to exfoliate, moisturize and pamper it with advice specially adapted to the skin of the face, which is very exposed and fragile.

Touch Your Face As Little As Possible

Did you know that hands transmit most germs? When you touch your face, you spread them on your skin. So think about all the places you’ve put your hands on throughout the day; it gives you an idea of ​​the bacteria and germs you keep track of!

You cannot lock yourself in a sanitized bubble, so you can still wash your hands often, especially when you arrive at work or home. In this way, you eliminate impurities and do not deposit them on your face when you scratch yourself, for example.

Protect Yourself From The Sun

The sun is good for morale, much less for the skin, and you must protect it as soon as you expose it. Sunburns, like repeated sunbathing, can lead to premature aging of the skin and lead to cancer. Do not use unsuitable products such as monoi or oils without sun protection which do not preserve you and help the sun to burn you better.

Practice A Smart Exfoliation

Exfoliation of the skin is essential because it removes dead cells to make room for young and fresh cells, which give you a better look. It is also called the new skin effect, and there are natural methods to cleanse your skin in depth.

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The Coffee Grounds

If you drink coffee, you can collect the grounds and use them to erase blemishes and remove impurities from your face. Take a neutral soap and lather it in the palm of your hands, then add a little coffee grounds and gently rub your face in circular motions. Then clean the well with clean water to remove all traces of this homemade solution.


Prepare a homemade solution with a pinch of coarse salt, olive oil (2 tablespoons), and essential oils of lavender or lemon (a few drops of each). Put some of this exfoliating cream in your hands and gently rub your face, without pressing too hard, to remove dead skin. Your skin will be toned and rid of the dirt that settles during the day.

The Steam Bath

Water vapor is ideal for opening pores and eliminating excess sebum. If you are not lucky enough, go to the hammam, heat some water, and put a towel over your head for a cabin effect.

Hydration Is Your Natural Ally To have baby skin, it must be moisturized with more or less oily substances. You will find many cosmetic products in specialty stores. You can also divert products that you consume daily.

White Cheese

Mix a cup of cottage cheese with honey (2 tablespoons) and add ½ lemon juice. You can also use yogurt to make this lotion to apply to the face in massage.

Cucumber Lotion

Purée a cucumber and remove the seeds, then add a tablespoon of organic honey and a little organic almond milk. You get a semi-liquid paste to apply to your face morning and evening to have a friendly, well-hydrated face. Keep your preparation cool between 2 treatments.

Wash With Gentle Products

We live in a society where hygiene occupies tremendous importance, perhaps too much, according to the opinion of dermatologists. Still determining if daily contact with specific products is beneficial for the skin.

To avoid attacking your epidermis, you should favor neutral pH soaps or surgery gels, which are suitable for all skin types and do not attack them. They also can limit the damage caused by water that is too calcareous or loaded with chlorine.

Black Tea

To cleanse oily skin, steep a black tea bag in boiling water and let it cool. Then soak a cotton ball in this solution and wash your face with it for two weeks, morning and evening. You will see this beauty gesture is very beneficial for the skin.

Treat Yourself To Masks Regularly

You can treat yourself to beauty masks to bring softness and freshness to your complexion. Most have nourishing and moisturizing properties and are particularly good for skin whose main enemy is dryness.

When applying a store-bought mask, choose it based on your skin’s natural characteristics to benefit from it the most. There are also anti-wrinkle masks for mature skin. If you are a fan of homemade products, you can make your moisturizing mask and immediately benefit from its beneficial effects.

The Honey Mask

Honey is an excellent healing agent, and it helps skin cells to regenerate. Take sufficiently liquid organic honey or melt it in a bain-marie if it is frozen. Brush your face and leave it on for about twenty minutes, then rinse thoroughly. After this treatment, your skin is soft and more elastic.

The Green Clay Mask

Green clay is an exciting product for dry skin because it tends to regulate its pH. Mix it with a bit of olive oil to avoid drying it out further to obtain an easy-to-apply paste. Leave about a quarter of an hour on the face, then remove the mask’s remains with warm, clear water.

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