Grapefruit Essential Oil: A Great Detox Ally!

Like its cousins mandarin zing and sweet orange, grapefruit natural ointment allures with its sweet and refreshing notes. However, this shimmering citrus natural product conceals numerous medical advantages. This pitch is profoundly detoxifying in many weight control plans for its fat-consuming properties. Be that as it may, did you realize it likewise keeps every one of its vows to clean the encompassing air or reestablish tone? Examine this little jewel of fragrant healing that will never fail to astound you!

Grapefruit Essential Oil: A Confusing Name!

The word “grapefruit” certainly brings to mind this citrus fruit with bright pink flesh present on the shelves of our supermarkets. However, this generic term defines, above all, the fruit of two very different trees:

  • Citrus maxima, or grapefruit, native to Southeast Asia;
  • Citrus x paradise, a hybrid resulting from the crossing of the grapefruit and sweet orange trees, is mainly cultivated in the United States and Israel.

If the first gives rise to the “real” grapefruit, little encountered in the West, the second corresponds to the beloved pomelo we usually consume. An abuse of language continues until aromatherapy since the essential oil of grapefruit is commonly extracted… from the bark of the pomelo! Obtained by the cold expression of the zest, it also takes the double name of the essence of grapefruit.

What Are The Benefits Of Grapefruit Essential Oil?

Indigestion, body aches or low morale: grapefruit essential oil solves several small everyday ailments. Let’s decipher together some of its fields of action.

A Major Aerial Antiseptic

Its high monoterpenes content (90 to 97% limonene) is displayed as a powerful bactericide and antiviral of the airways. Used in diffusion, it will be effective in disinfecting living rooms while leaving a most pleasant fruity scent.

A Tonic For The Digestive System

Its “detox” properties make it very similar to lemon zest essential oil. A true hepatic drainer, grapefruit essence regulates the liver, stimulates bile production and facilitates digestion. It will find its place after a day after a party or an overly hearty meal by relieving nausea and bloating.

A Muscle Relaxer

Relaxing, this oil reduces stiffness, cramps and muscle tension. Use it on the skin for a massage of the area concerned after carefully diluting it in vegetable oil up to 10 to 15%.

A Rebalancing Of The Nervous System

Particularly invigorating, this citrus essence is often described as neurotropic: it activates the sympathetic nervous system, which keeps our body alert. But it does not only seem to energize: it tends to adapt to the psychological terrain of each one. A depressed person may benefit from a boost of positivity, while an anxious person will be more soothed.

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A Distinguished Guest In Cosmetics

Grapefruit Essential Oil For Skin

Do you suffer from acne or just oily skin? Using grapefruit essential oil on the face remains entirely possible to reduce sebum production. However, dilute it to a maximum of 2% in vegetable oil.

Grapefruit Essential Oil For Hair

A shampoo, up to one or two drops, will avoid the “greasy hair” effect and slow down hair loss.

Grapefruit essential oil for weight loss: dream or reality? Busting blood and lymphatic circulation promotes the elimination of toxins and restores a good water balance. As a result, it helps eliminate water retention and cellulite. Furthermore, it would have a lipolytic action contributing to reducing the accumulation of subcutaneous fat cells. In this sense, it can accompany a process of weight loss – within the framework of a suitable diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Grapefruit Essential Oil, Is It An Appetite Suppressant?

Then there remains this question that keeps coming back: Is grapefruit essential oil an appetite suppressant or not? Hard to say. If some give it anorectic properties – according to experimental studies on rats – others, on the contrary, attribute to it appetizing properties that would stimulate the appetite. The debate remains open!

How To Use Grapefruit Essential Oil?

Like any self-respecting essential oil, grapefruit essence requires careful and reasoned use. In this sense, we advise you to benefit from medical advice before starting any aromatic accompaniment.

Grapefruit Essential Oil And Pregnancy

In general, grapefruit essential oil can be used without risk by diffusion from the third month of pregnancy and for children over 12 months. Cutaneously, it will be reserved for adults and children over 6 years old, excluding pregnant or breastfeeding women. Beware, however, of the presence of furocoumarins in citrus peel, which makes it particularly photosensitizing: therefore, avoid exposure to the sun for 8 to 12 hours following application.

In addition, it remains irritating to the skin: you will therefore have to systematically dilute it in vegetable oil at a rate of 20% maximum. Finally, it contains many potentially allergenic molecules. When using it for the first time, perform at least the elbow bend test: place two drops of essential oil there and watch for a possible reaction during the following 24 hours.

Grapefruit Essential Oil To Drink?

As for the oral route, it is better to consider it only under medical prescription.

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