Hair Dusting: The New Anti-Fork Technique

Hair dusting is returning to the fore as a stunning technique to eliminate split ends without touching your precious lengths. The American hairdresser Sal Salcedo from Los Angeles brought this old hair technique up to date. And the technique was successful with all those tired of coming out with 10 centimeters less when leaving the hairdresser for damaged tips. We also paid for it.

To fight against split ends, you usually use a serum on your lengths, take oil baths or take food supplements. Is it not enough? Ask about hair dusting! Finally, we did it for you. We tell you everything about this technique from LA, how to perform it, and its price if you turn to a professional. For ever longer, healthier, and stronger hair!

Hair Dusting: What Is It?

Hair dusting (which means “hair dusting”) consists of getting rid exclusively of damaged tips and nothing else! In other words, it is a technique that eliminates the split ends without cutting their lengths. But how is this possible? The technique is simple but long. It is also for this reason that it was no longer practiced. In an interview for online media Refinery29, Sal Salcedo said: “Hair dusting has been used for years; some cultures have different techniques like with a razor blade or burning the fork.

But in any case, it takes time, so it doesn’t happen anymore. The goal is to eliminate those little hairs that no longer serve us. And still, according to the American hair stylist, split ends can come from several factors. Hair can be damaged due to time, coloring, poor haircut, heat, or even age.

The results of this technique are amazing. The hair is not only rid of split ends but also healthier and can grow more. Because the problem with the forks, if we let them settle, is that the lengths are also damaged with the forks, which “go back up.” Cutting her hair would then become inevitable. In comparison, hair dusting boosts your hair’s health — and growth —.

Hair Dusting At The Hairdresser: How Much Does It Cost?

Before going to a hairdressing salon to perform hair dusting, ask your hairdresser to check that he is familiar with the technique. If this is the case, you will certainly need to make an appointment about the length of the technique. The hairdresser will indeed cut, strand by strand, the forks vertically. Without fear, therefore, for your lengths!

However, hair dusting is an effective way to refresh your haircut and space out your hairdresser appointments. In that case, it does not replace a deep repair treatment or even cutting your ends occasionally. And this, especially if your hair is very damaged. For hair dusting at the hairdresser, the price will vary depending on the thickness and length of your hair. But, you will have to count between 30 to 70 euros on average.

How Does Your Hair Dust?

Although we advise you to go to the hairdresser to benefit from a professional technique, you can completely carry out hair dusting at home. And there are many tutorials to guide you.

The first imperative to do your hair dusting is to have real barber scissors because lambda blades will only further break the hair fiber and amplify the fork even if you don’t feel it. Once equipped, be patient because, as mentioned above, the technique takes time. Finally, there are two techniques.

The first is to pass a thin lock of hair (about 2 centimeters) under his index finger, then above the middle finger, and again under the ring finger. Then glide gently towards the tips, and the split ends will pop out independently. All you have to do is cut everything that protrudes, namely the forks and not your lengths. And if not, turn to the second technique. It consists of taking a wick and twisting it. Again, the forks will come out, and you can cut them. The neat lengths are yours!

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