Hair Removal – Tips For Smooth, Soft Skin

With airy tops, short dresses, shorts, and bikinis, we show a lot of skin in summer. So there is no question that it should now be particularly neat, smooth, and stubble-free. At the same time, the skin in the armpits, intimate area, or face is particularly sensitive, so choosing the right hair removal is the be-all and end-all to avoid skin irritation and at the same time achieve a nice result.

Different Types Of Depilation


Wet shaving quickly removes annoying hairs.

Wet razors are very popular in Germany, both for men and women. Both battery-operated razors and conventional manual razors are used here. To support wet shaving, there are numerous products, from shaving gel to shaving oil, that support lubricity and make the shave gentle on the skin.

But dry shaving also has its fans. So-called beauty trimmers are perfect for small areas on the face, such as the upper lip or eyebrows. You can remove hair in no time.

Pros & Cons


  • The hair grows back quickly
  • After being cut off by the razor, the regrown hair feels quite stubborn


  • Goes quickly and is absolutely painless
  • Is a very inexpensive variant


  • To prevent irritation, first, soak the skin in warm water (for example in the shower)
  • Apply little pressure when shaving and be sure to use products that make the blade slide better, such as shaving gel or shaving oil
  • First, shave in the direction of growth and then against the direction of growth. For very sensitive skin, prefer to shave only in the direction of growth

Mechanical Depilation

Thanks to the epilator, hairs only grow back weeks after hair removal

An epilator houses numerous small tweezers on a rotating head. The hair is plucked together with the hair root. Battery operated epilators are used either dry or wet in the shower.

Manual epilators (new at AVON from July 25th), on the other hand, work with a spiral structure. This includes the hairs and pulls them out. Parts with little hair, such as the face or eyebrows, can also be removed from the annoying hairs with tweezers .

Pros & Cons


  • It pinches something at the beginning. Over time you get used to it and the finer regrowing hair is less painful to remove
  • If the hair is longer than five millimeters, it should be trimmed with a trimmer before epilation . Otherwise the tweezers cannot grip the hair properly


  • The hairs are removed together with their roots and it takes a few weeks for them to grow again


  • Use under running water is often perceived as less painful
  • Shaving gel or shower gel helps to let the epilator glide gently over the skin
  • When dry epilating, take a warm shower or bath beforehand to open the pores so that the hair can be removed more easily
  • Pull the areas to be epilated as tight as possible by hand
  • Epilate against the growth direction


Hair removal with warm or cold wax is efficient and hair grows back slowly and more slowly over time

The classic from the cosmetic studio – well-tempered wax covers the hairs and tears them out with the roots. The warmth opens the pores of the skin so that the hair roots can be pulled more easily.

Pros & Cons


  • The hair must have a certain length (at least four millimeters) for epilation, otherwise, the wax strip cannot grip it properly and the result is not completely smooth
  • Here too: it pulls. But you get used to it over time and fine, regrowing hair is less painful to remove


  • The hair grows back slower and softer
  • Over time, hair growth on the treated areas becomes sparser


  • A peeling, like with the Planet Spa Greek Seas body peeling, is ideal after waxing because ingrown hairs (especially in the genital area) are avoided
  • Rather let redness or injuries subside before waxing hair
  • Do not use alcoholic care products after waxing for 24 hours to avoid skin irritation
  • Some dermatologists recommend that the hairy skin areas are not exposed to the sun for 24 hours, others see this as not necessary.
  • Comfortable for quick application: cold wax strips. Stick and peel directly on the skin without heating. Particularly suitable for smaller areas such as the face and eyebrows.


Hair removal with sugaring in the studio

Sugaring is very similar to hot wax hair removal. The hair is removed with sugar paste and cotton strips in the direction of growth. The sugar paste usually consists of a combination of water, sugar, and lemon. Here, too, the hair should be pulled out with the root.

Pros & Cons


  • Like mechanical epilation or waxing: it pulls a bit


  • The sugar paste penetrates better into the structure of the hair and thereby safely removes the root. This prevents torn hair from growing into the skin
  • As with waxing, hair grows slower and softer
  • In contrast to wax, sugar paste captures short hairs from a length of about two millimeters, so that a stubble-free time is guaranteed

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory cream removes hairs quickly and safely and ensures a beautiful, smooth result in no time at all

Depilatory creams remove all annoying hairs in no time and can be used wonderfully from the armpits to the bikini area and even on the face. Thanks to their composition, they split the hair keratin so that the hair dissolves above the skin.

To do this, a thick layer of depilatory cream is applied to the skin using a spatula. Leave on for 2.5 minutes. Gently remove the cream with a washcloth if the hairs are easy to peel off. Otherwise, let it work a little longer, but at the most according to the specified time on the packaging.

Pros & Cons


  • When using (for example in the genital area) make sure that the cream does not come into contact with the mucous membranes, as this can cause irritation


  • Works uncomplicated, the hair slowly grows back


  • Always test compatibility before use in a small area on the crook of the arm
  • Do not exceed the exposure time as it can cause skin irritation

Permanent Hair Removal

The hair root is destroyed during IPL or laser treatments and the hair does not grow back after falling out. The laser treatment is carried out by the dermatologist, the IPL treatment in the cosmetic studio.

Pros & Cons


  • A relatively expensive method
  • The effectiveness of IPL treatment is not always guaranteed (especially with light hair)
  • improper use can cause burns or pigment changes


  • The unwanted hair remains permanently

Epilation or Depilation?

The question of the better type of depilation cannot be generalized. Rather than personal preferences, your own pain sensation and the sensitivity of the skin decide which variant is the means of choice. Just try it out and find your personal favorite. A combination of different methods may also be perfect for you, such as epilation on the legs, depilatory cream in the bikini area, and shaving under the armpits.

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