Hand Care: 7 Tricks To Keep Them Beautiful

Your hands say a lot about you, maybe more than you think; And of course, you don’t want them to speak badly, right? Well, put your glove on this hand care routine — including nails — and leave them in the picture.

Bleach, soaps, rubbing – And what about the constant use of nails like a Swiss Army knife? If we give our hands a trot at all, it should come as no surprise that they rebel a bit. Good thing there is room for improvement! You just have to take note – not on the palm, of course – of these tips to restore their splendor yourself and at home. Hands – now yes – to work!

Tips For Hand And Nail Care

Cleaning At Your Fingertips

We mean that you wash them with time and care, using a neutral soap that does not damage the pH of your skin, warm water to rinse, and a towel that is not too rough to dry them. Everything counts!

Hydration x3

Hydrate them with a specific cream, at least three times a day. Also, from time to time, massage them with olive oil; A super home care for hands and nails that, thanks to its high content of antioxidants and fatty acids, hydrates, nourishes, and prevents the appearance of premature wrinkles. They call it liquid gold for nothing.

Intensive Protection

Here are two great tips for the prevention and care of hands and nails: Apply a layer of sunscreen when you go out of the house – or on the terrace, the sun also hits – and put on gloves for housework. You will prevent them from drying out!

Exfoliate Yes or Yes

Another inescapable duty in your Do It Yourself. Once a week exfoliate them to remove dead cells and you will see how they look softer and brighter instantly. By the way, if you have run out of your usual scrub, mix two tablespoons of ground coffee, two of sugar, one of oil and you will get out of the way.

Use The File Wisely

Nails represent a very high percentage of the good appearance of your hands, so redouble your efforts with them. The first step is to shape them properly; the second, learn to file your nails like a pro. For the latter, choose a quality nail file and always slide it in the same direction. Try to move it gently around the contour of the nail, and then refine the finish starting at the corners.

Attention To The Cuticles!

In addition to its fundamental role as a protective barrier, visually speaking, having the cuticles in good condition makes a difference.

Color, Treatment, And Care For Your Nails

How can you give him all three at the same time? Avoiding painting them? Not! With the Essie Treat, Love & Color nail polish range. You have 9 colors that are all treatment, style, and pampering for your nails. So much so that in just one week you will get 60% fewer cracks and 35% less breakage.

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