Health Benefits Of Practicing HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

Workouts known as HIIT for its acronym in English High-Intensity Interval Training have become in recent years the preferred sport for many. Its combination of high-intensity interval training with low-intensity training in a short period of time causes a rapid deceleration in our body that offers us great physical results while being beneficial for our health. Of course, like any other training modality, knowing how to practice it correctly without putting our health at risk is what health benefits of HIIT training will make the difference.

Perhaps due to the situation we are in now due to the Covid-19 and in which we have no choice but to train at home, HIIT training is the perfect training to put our entire body to work and improve our physical shape in the face of summer. For this, before starting this training session, it is advisable to follow these tips that we detail below so that you do not suffer any type of injury.

Tips When Practicing HIIT Training

  • The workouts known as HIIT give us the possibility of adapting the training mode to our form or physical capacity, therefore, look for a training plan that you like and that suits your physical condition and do not try to copy other athletes who surely have more experience.
  • If it is so important to perform HIIT exercises properly, it is equally important to stretch correctly during the warm-up. These stretching exercises are great to tune up all our muscles for training because we will avoid possible injuries or contractures.
  • Choose well the place in the house where you are going to train previously, try to choose a wide place where you can move without problems and with good exterior light. Also, if the ground where you are going to train does not slip much better.
  • A good HIIT routine usually has between 7 or 14 different exercises with repetitions in a series of 3 to 4 approx. Remember to choose varied exercises and where you can train as many muscles of your entire body as possible.

Benefits Of Practicing HIIT For The Body And Improving Our Health

  • The benefits of practicing this training modality are innumerable and not only do they involve looking better physically, but they also help improve our body and overall health. One of its most important advantages is that it helps burn fat faster than other workouts, the acceleration of our metabolism thanks to its interval exercises is responsible for this result. But that is not all, in addition, it has been proven that HIIT workouts are super-efficient since it only takes between 10 and 30 minutes a day to achieve great results, thereby improving our heart and lung capacity.
  • Another advantage that sports fans often mention is that it is the perfect training to start as hardly any more equipment is needed than our own body. All their exercises are designed to train with our own weight so you will not need weights, dumbbells, or machines. Therefore, this type of training helps to increase our muscle mass much more.
  • Finally, and as we have said, HIIT workouts are customizable, being able to choose the exercises that we like the best or best suit our physical abilities and abilities. Therefore, choosing the exercises you choose, you will be able to increase your resistance much faster than in other types of sports. These and the many other benefits collected above make HIIT training increasingly popular with fans and lovers of extreme sport.

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