Lose Weight: Here Is The Lowest-Calorie Cheese!

Which cheese is the most reasonable in terms of calories among the dozens offered for consumption? In 10th position of the most miniature caloric cheese… Feta: 285 calories per 100 g.

What Is The Lowest-Calorie Cheese?

Bread, wine, cheese, and here we are, stealing a few minutes of eternity daily. The French Holy Trinity that we honor as soon as possible with friends, lovers or alone, very happy not to have to share this flowing Camembert, a taste experience whose magic is constantly renewed. This is due to the presence in cheese of casein – a protein present in all dairy products

Which releases casomorphins during digestion; peptides which in turn would activate dopamine, the famous pleasure hormone, which causes addiction. A desire to return there is shared by many French people; who consume, on average, 30 kg of cheese per year, with a preference for Camembert, goat cheese, Comté and Roquefort.

What Are The Benefits Of Cheese On The Body?

A source of high-quality protein, essential for the growth and repair of body tissues, cheese is also known to be a provider of calcium; a necessary mineral for healthy bones and teeth. It can help prevent osteoporosis and other diseases related to bone loss. It also offers phosphorus which participates in the production and conservation of the energy the body needs.

What about the large variety of vitamins it contains, such as vitamin B2, which transforms food into energy, or vitamin B12, which acts against stress and fatigue? Some types of cheese also have iron, an essential mineral for producing red blood cells and transporting oxygen in the body. Finally, some cheeses, such as yogurt, kefir, and cottage cheese, contain probiotics that benefit digestive health. Of course, not all cheeses are nutritionally equal, and some types are higher in fat, sodium, and calories than others.

Also, have fun without feeling too guilty; here is the ranking of the most miniature caloric cheeses. It was established from Ciqual data, the table of the nutritional composition of foods from the National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES):

  • Cancoillotte: 151 calories
  • Cow’s milk mozzarella: 227 calories
  • Buffalo milk mozzarella (“di bufala”): 260 calories
  • Meaux Brie: 271 calories
  • Rocamadour: 247 calories
  • Coulommiers: 279 calories
  • Camembert: 280 calories
  • Saint Marcellin: 280 calories
  • St. Felicien: 281 calories
  • Feta: 285 calories

Here’s How To Make The Perfect Cheese Platter!

Varieties, presentation, choice, tasting… It takes work to make a success of your cheese platter! Follow our advice to impress your guests. Among the uncooked pasta, you can choose Reblochon and Saint-Nectaire. The first is very creamy, with a nutty taste and the smell of wood, and the second smells like hay! Their crusts are firm and smell of mould, but only a little. What accompaniment? All dried fruits.

For sheep’s or goat’s cheese, ensure the crust is moist enough and has no irregularities. Regarding flavor, goat cheese has four matures, from fresh to dry. Sheep cheese has a taste of cooked and fruity milk. What accompaniment? Successful marriage with some candied fruits.

An essential element is a colour for bloomy rinds such as Brie or Camembert. The heart is never white.

On the textured side, do not press the center of a Camembert to know if it will be good: lightly press the outline with your index finger and thumb. Is it soft but not crushed? It’s perfect. What accompaniment? None, they are self-sufficient. Fresh cheeses like brilliant savarin are divided into two subcategories: very new, they look like yogurt and are a little acidic; ripened, they have a buttery flavor and melt in the mouth. What accompaniment? They are eaten with a bit of blueberry or raspberry jam.

Cooked pasta such as Comté and Beaufort have a delightful pronounced nutty taste. For the choice of the county, look at the rind, which should be dark brown. More fragrant, Beaufort has a smooth shell dotted with tiny crystals. What accompaniment? Nuts, figs or a little honey.

Within the family of blue cheeses, you will opt for Roquefort, with a salty and melting taste, or Fourme d’Ambert, if you want a less salty and creamy flavor. Blue cheeses should have beautiful, uniform blue molds without too much moisture. In terms of texture, they are soft when you feel them from the outside. What accompaniment? Raisins are welcome; otherwise, serve them as they are.

Cheese Platter: The Trick To Appreciate The Tasting!

Wooden or straw, it doesn’t matter; the main thing is that your cheese platter looks good. Before placing the cheese on it, you can line it with a few vine leaves. Otherwise, opt for six types of cheese, an ideal number, because it adapts to the most significant digit.

You will be able to taste everything in the rules of the art. Discover them in our slideshow and what to accompany them with! To appreciate the cheeses, start by tasting the mildest and end with the tastiest, with a robust flavor. Thus, the lighter ones will disappear as you taste them. Side number of parts, the rule of three pieces which is often dictated, is not an obligation, far from it. It doesn’t matter; if you want to taste the six kinds of cheese, you can… just as you can take only a piece of Camembert if you are no longer starving.

Cheeses: Which Wine To Find The Perfect Match?

It is sometimes challenging to match a cheese perfectly with another dish or drink. Let’s practice with three seasonal cheese slices.

  • Camembert appreciates a white wine, relatively supple, or a cider, whose bitterness will be balanced by its sweetness. Opt for a well-cooked baguette or gingerbread for sweet and savory lovers to take full advantage of its flavor.
  • Livarot goes very well with a relatively dry red wine. To taste it, opt for bread with cumin seeds. The spices wonderfully bring out the melting texture of the Livarot.
  • Reblochon, however, goes perfectly with a somewhat fruity red wine. A hoppy beer contrasts with the flavours of this Savoyard cheese, making it a good marriage. To taste it, choose sourdough bread.

Cheese Platter: On The Bread Side, What Do We Do?

No need to multiply them; two is enough—for example, a baguette and a loaf of country bread or a fig or walnut bread. You can also place it on the tray or next to small jars of black cherry, fig jam, chutney, or honey.

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