High Blood Pressure And Heart Problems: Can I Go To The Mountains?

In the event that you have had a myocardial dead tissue, or another heart issue, you might be reluctant to continue actual work and, maybe, you think surrendering movement is better. Truth be told, active work is generally excellent for your heart and can decrease your gamble of having another occasion. The advantages of actual work have been known since the mid-1950s, when a gathering of English researchers exhibited that the classes of laborers who did more actual work (for instance, mailmen liable for conveying home mail) had a lower hazard of myocardial localized necrosis and demise after myocardial dead tissue contrasted with the individuals who held a stationary work (for instance mailmen working at the counter). Peruse on to find out when and how you can restart your exercise.

Pressure At High Altitude

The benefits of physical activity are due to several factors. In particular, physical activity has favorable direct actions on the cardiovascular system and reduces high blood pressure.


  • Improves metabolism , promotes weight loss , reduces sugar intolerance , high blood cholesterol levels and prevents type 2 diabetes mellitus ;
  • Iit modifies body composition , reducing fat and redistributing it in a favorable manner, with a consequent reduction in the risk of cerebrovascular ischemic events . Click here to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) for free and find out your percentage of lean mass and fat mass .
  • Improves the hormonal profile , neuromuscular tone and mood , depression being one of the risk factors for ischemic cerebrovascular events.

The connection between physical activity, disease risk and death is so strong that the World Health Organization launched, in 2013, the global plan for physical activity called “ More active people for a healthier world ” ( i.e. “more active people for a healthier world”), which aims to reduce the number of inactive people by 15% by 2030.

Heart And Mountain

After having a heart problem, it is normal to be afraid of making an effort and doing physical activity or sports . However, you don’t have to let the fear of having another cardiac event take over!

  • Remember that maintaining a good level of physical activity is important for your heart and your health in general, even and especially after a cardiac event.
  • In 2018, a study of over 22,000 patients showed that those who become more physically active after a heart problem have up to a 59% lower risk of death at four years.

So yes, you can and should resume physical activity after having a heart problem.

Is Going To The Mountains Good Or Bad?

Even if you can start moving again, you still need to be careful not to overdo it or make too intense movements .

  • The best place to resume physical activity after a myocardial infarction is cardiac rehabilitation . The programs include a personalized prescription of physical exercise . The cardiologist will therefore direct you towards the best cardiac rehabilitation program and, in any case, you can always ask your doctor for advice.

What do you have to do? Take your time, don’t rush and don’t set unrealistic goals . Keep in mind that each person recovers at different times and in different ways . The recovery time depends on the level of physical activity you were doing before the cardiac event and the extent of damage to your heart. You can resume physical activity slowly and gradually , for example:

  • Start again at home. Start with small household chores (changing a light bulb, tightening a water hose, etc.), then move to outdoor activities like gardening.
  • Start walking. Take a walk outside the house, walk slowly and slowly increase your walking pace. Maintain a brisk pace for three minutes, until you feel the activity going from light to moderate. Being a little out of breath is normal, but if you feel too short of breath (so much so that you can’t speak or hum), reduce your walking pace or, if you’re having difficulty, stop. After your workout, gradually stop walking, take at least three minutes to reduce your walking speed and return to a normal pace. For the first time, try not to go too far from home, so that it won’t be too difficult for you to get back.
  • Set a realistic goal. You can walk at a moderate speed for about ten minutes a day . Each day, increase your walk by one to two minutes. The goal is to achieve thirty minutes a day of walking at a moderate intensity (brisk pace) for at least three days a week .
  • Stay in company. The first few times you go out walking, bring someone with you: your wife or husband, your children or your grandchildren, or organize yourself with a small group of friends. Doing physical activity together can put you back in a good mood .
  • Be consistent. Consistency is key in training! It’s not only important how much physical activity you do, but also how often you do it . Train at least three times a week .
  • Consider the side effects of your medications. After a heart problem, many factors can affect your ability to adequately return to exercise, including the medications you take . Do not rush!

Precautions Before Going To The Mountains

The most effective post-heart attack physical activity should be of moderate intensity , but how do you know you’re doing moderate intensity activity? There are two methods :

  • Check your heart rate. Beats per minute of 64%-76% of your peak heart rate for your age is a moderate intensity. Peak heart rate for age is calculated by subtracting your age from the number 220 and multiplying by 0.7 (e.g. if you are 70 years old, your heart rate will be 105). This method is only valid if you are not taking medications such as beta blockers , which keep your heart rate low.
  • Take the talk test. As you walk, slowly increase your speed (or load) until talking or humming becomes too difficult. Reduce the speed until you can talk while exercising again, this will be your moderate intensity.

What To Eat If You Go To The Mountains

The best sports for those who have had or have a heart problem fall within the sphere of aerobic physical activity . Examples:

  • Walking or treadmill
  • Running or jogging
  • Cycling or exercise bike
  • I swim
  • Cross country skiing

Aerobic activity must be alternated with anaerobic, or resistance , activity , to be performed at least twice a week to improve muscle mass and strength (e.g. weight lifting, fast running, heavy athletics). For each muscle group, eight to twelve repetitions of exercises are recommended , with a recovery of about two minutes between sets , using a weight such that the final repetition can be performed correctly, but a further repetition is impossible.

  • Remember to always consult your doctor before undertaking physical activity : he will advise you which and how much physical activity you can do based on the type of heart problem you have had and your current state of health.
  • The supervision of an expert in Sports Sciences is recommended while you perform the exercises, so that he can guide you towards the correct execution.

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