Holiday Hairstyles For Long Hair: This Will Make You Look More Elegant Immediately

In December, not only the anticipation of a cosy get-together with loved ones and delicious food is getting closer – but the holidays are also an excellent occasion for elegant styling. So if you feel like dressing up again, we’ve put together the most beautiful hairstyles for you here, making the holiday look perfect. These holiday hairstyles for long hair are very trendy:

Holiday Hairstyles: Half-Open Hair

A simple yet elegant way to style long hair is to tie the top section of hair together at the back of your head. This is how a successful holiday makeup comes into its own without having to give up your long mane. The great thing: the look works with both straight and curly hair.

Tip: Let a few loose strands hang out at the front. This gives your face a nice frame and makes the hairstyle look less severe overall.

Elegant Holiday Hairstyle: Big Waves

Big waves are the ideal solution if you don’t have much time but still want to style your hair extravagantly. You can style them either with a curling iron or a hairdryer and a large round brush. It is entirely up to you whether you want waves throughout your hair or, for example, just the front part of your hair. Either way – the look is quick and always creates a glamour feeling.

Classic Holiday Hairstyle: ‘Banana’ Updo

Even those who don’t like hairstyles won’t find any lame excuses for this hair styling because the ‘Banana’ is super easy to make. The timeless classic always looks chic and is ideal for dresses or blouses with a low back.

Tip: No time to wash your hair? Perfect! Because the banana works much better if your hair is nice and not too soft.

Casual Holiday Hairstyle: Scandi Waves

An exciting hairstyle for everyone with two left hands is Scandi Waves. The natural waves only look like hard work and patience, but they are styled much faster than you think.

Easy Holiday Hairstyle: Bun Styles

Buns are truly rewarding treasures when it comes to chic yet straightforward hairstyling. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a high bun in a ballerina look or a low bun – this hairstyle always looks elegant.

Tip: Even if messy buns are trendy, you should avoid strands falling out if you want a noble face. Instead, grab some lovely statement earrings.

Trendy Holiday Hairstyle: Sleek And Wet Hair

Listen up to beauties with straight hair: ‘Sleek Hair’ is hip! So if you are already blessed with straight hair, you can also do without all styling tools and comb your hair straight and wear it open. Another variation is the ‘wet hair’ look. The upper part of the hair is searched straight back and fixed with hair wax or spray. If you don’t like wearing your hair loose, you can tie it back into a low ponytail – for example, with an eye-catching clip in gold or silver.

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