Holistic Recovery In Drug Addiction Recovery: 7 Things To Know

We have all heard about the different clinical approaches needed to treat addiction.

But, have you ever heard of something called holistic recovery!

This is the healthiest way in which a therapist and a sober coach will distract you from the clutches of addiction.

Studies have proved that holistic approach helps former patients of addiction control their lives, and stay in the path of sobriety.

Plus, it wouldn’t be mind-blowing if you could get some of the same chemical reaction in your mind without the influence of harmful substances.

Yes, you can be happy without drugs!

This is indeed an exciting form of treatment, and through holistic approach the happiness doesn’t come down. You will be able to experience it anytime and can even lead a positive life.

It also teaches you how to take care of your body, and how to maintain it.

It also teaches you how to love yourself and prioritize your mental health over everything.

It also helps people get their life back together after all the turmoil faced during the period of addiction, and after recovery.

In short, holistic approach deals with a complete mind, body, and soul healing.

So, let’s find out a little more about holistic recovery from drugs.

What Is A Holistic Approach?

This is to note that if someone suffers from a serious drug addiction, other treatments like medical detoxification and therapy will be needed.

However, the holistic approach will kind of seal the deal and help in a 360 degree healing.

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Holistic approach deals with the entire mind, environment and intellectual wellness. This is when you not only detox your body from the toxic substances, but learn about your body and mind in such a way that it creates an aversion to these substances.

Some of the holistic approaches to healing are as follows.

1. Yoga

This is needless to say that once you acquire the practice of yoga, your mental health automatically heals.

You see the world with a peaceful light and the thoughts of chaotic activities like drug addiction diminishes with time.

2. Art Or Music Therapy

Art and music therapy is a little different than the traditional ones, this is because they indulge in more of the non-verbal therapy.

People suffering from addiction might noy always be willing to talk about the difficulties they have faced. It could be triggering and at the same time mentally exhausting.

Thus, with such music and art therapy they are able to express their feelings without actually talking about it.

3. Physical Exercise & Healthy Diet

Physical exercise is a big part of holistic approach. This is because physical exercises are known for the release of endorphins and dopamine, also known as happy hormones.

These are excellent distractions if a patient finds themselves craving for drugs again, or relapsing they can start with a physical exercise regime and their mind is immediately distracted.

The chemical release automatically makes you fulfilled, and if you have been dealing with a mental health problem at that moment; the thoughts will automatically disappear.

Some of the great exercises would be heavy cardio like cycling and swimming.

Along with the physical exercise, it would be great to have a good diet. When your body is clean and healthy, the good emotions are bound to release.

4. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the process of using certain scents which can help calm the chaotic nerves at times of withdrawal.

It is no secret that drug withdrawal symptoms are painful, but with the help of aromatherapy some of that pain can be taken away naturally.

Aroma therapy is also known as scent therapy, and the patient is subjected to some soothing scents which will bring out the calmness and eventually improve their mental health.

It is a great form of treating severe anxiety among patients of drug addiction.

5. Meditation & Mindfulness

Mindfulness and meditation are activities which help you to be completely present in the moment.

It teaches patients how to control their relapsing urges through box breathing techniques, and guided meditation.

Whenever patients have this sudden urge of ralpse from their withdrawal symptom, there is one thing which is commo,

They always have loud thoughts which occupy almost most of their mind. These thoughts can be minimized with the help of meditation and mindfulness.

Yes, this is a difficult approach compared to others, but if you really work with determination towards your sobriety, you will be able to master this soon.

6. Experimental Therapy

Experimental therapy is a broader term to describe. However, whenever we talk about holistic approaches we must understand that not all approaches work for everyone.

This is where we need the help of experimental therapy which dwells with treating the patient through a different holistic approach, in search of what works best for them.

This is one of the reasons why patients need to sit for therapy, and learn their different triggers.

One can only combat addiction when they know what is exactly causing their addiction. This is crucial to understand from the professionals treating them, and at the same time the patients who want to recover.

7. Acupuncture

It is a form of traditional Chinese medicinal therapy which includes the activity of inserting needles in certain pressure points in the body, in order to release tension.

This helps patients release pain from certain muscles during their withdrawal symptoms. Some acupuncture also include other therapeutic approaches like aromatherapy and music therapy which also helps in mental healing.

Stress management is also a big part of this practice.

Healthy Healing!

Other than the clinical approaches, this holistic approach is also seeing a lot of success rate in the field of addiction recovery.

The best part of this approach is longevity. Even if the patient ceases their clinical treatment because of some issues, they can always go forward with the holistic recovery.

You can incorporate the practices you learn during this time, even after the recovery.

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