Homemade Mash Recipe: 6 Tips For Making It A Success Every Time!

The mash, I want it soft and melting… And to do this, follow these six chef’s tips that guarantee a perfect mash.

Six Tips For Making An Ideal Mash!

We choose a potato with a sufficiently dry pulp to absorb the fat well: bintje, ratte du Touquet, or Charlotte.

Recipe: How To Make The Best Puree Possible?

Who can resist an excellent homemade mash? Neither the children nor the gourmands! However, it is often replaced by a muslin, ready in a few minutes, it’s true. Nevertheless, let’s find the excellent taste of milk and potato. The pleasure is worth the effort… The actual recipe couldn’t be more straightforward: for 4 to 6 people, peel and cut 1 kilo of potatoes into large equal pieces, then put them in a saucepan with coarse salt and cover with cold water at height.

Cook for about 20 minutes without boiling (check for doneness with the tip of a knife, which should dig in easily). Pass the potatoes through the vegetable milk directly into the serving dish. Add 20 cl of milk, stirring until the desired consistency, then 90 grams of butter, which will bring smoothness, and a little nutmeg, to your taste. Adjust the seasoning before serving. This is a recipe that couldn’t be simpler, but there are a few tricks to make a puree a true culinary masterpiece; discover them in our slideshow.

What Is The Favorite Vegetable Of India?

Tuber has been consumed for over 8,000 years, and the potato is, according to a survey carried out in 2019 by Opinion Way for the CNIPT, the National Interprofessional Potato Committee, and FranceAgriMer, the favorite vegetable of India. Its low cost and nutritional benefits have made it a star food in our kitchens. Among other comfort dishes of which it is the base… mashed potatoes. A preparation that, as simple as it is, requires knowing certain tricks to transform it into a culinary masterpiece. And that’s good; these tips are present in our slideshow.

How To Properly Reheat Mashed Potatoes?

To prevent it from burning, we take it easy. Start reheating over low heat with a spoonful of the mash and a knob of butter: the butter in the frozen mash will, in turn, be able to melt and make the mash less compact. We continue spoonful by spoonful.

Puree: How To Add A Little Fantasy To It?

  • More crunchy: to give a touch of originality to this simple dish, you can add crunchy vegetables cut into pieces (raw red pepper, black olives).
  • More fun: present your puree in ramekins, accompanied by diced raw vegetables served on the side (tomato, cucumber, zucchini).
  • More vitamins: complete the nutritional benefits of the mash by adding chopped parsley or basil (for vitamin C); a dash of walnut oil or a knob of rapeseed margarine (rich in omega 3, good for the heart); a pinch of grated cheese, fresh goat cheese crumbs or diced feta (for calcium).

Homemade Mashed Potatoes: How To Choose The Right Potato Masher?

To make a good mash, you need good potatoes (with floury flesh) and a little elbow grease. Because these tender potatoes don’t like the blender, which stretches their starch and makes the mashed potatoes sticky, they are crushed with a fork for the most courageous (and who do not have a large family); or in a vegetable mill for those who want a very smooth texture (but that takes a bit of time), or even with a classic potato masher which “crushes” them quickly and well!

To choose the suitable model, we look at the size (especially if you have a mini-kitchenette), the material (stainless steel is more solid), and of course, the practicality (depending on its strength and skill!). The basics? The one with a wooden handle with, at its end, a skimmer crushing the potatoes directly in the stewpan, like Grandma! It is simple and efficient. Too bad it’s not dishwasher-safe!

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