Hormonal Acne: How To Fight It Without Hormones

Does nothing help against your hormonal acne? Do not despair! CBD, in combination with hyaluronic acid, could be your salvation.

Millions of people worldwide suffer from acne – for many, it becomes particularly severe during puberty or later menopause.

There are, of course, a large number of cosmetic products that are supposed to help against inflamed complexion.

However, these conventional remedies often do not always work and lead to even more frustration.

With the active ingredient CBD, there is now a relatively new player on the market. And CBD care has the potential to overshadow conventional treatments.

Flawless: Soothing Facial Serum

Apply morning and evening to the cleansed face, neck, and décolleté with the help of the pipette

The flawless face serum cares for your skin in the morning and the evening without irritating it – for balanced and radiant skin. The combination of CBD and hyaluronic acid has a calming and cooling effect. Thanks to the light formula, the serum is quickly absorbed into the skin and prepares it optimally for different care products.

CBD Can Do All Of This

Before it comes to the specific effect, let’s briefly summarize what CBD is. The abbreviation, which is now relatively common, stands for the word cannabidiol. This name is used to designate one of the active ingredients in female hemp. Since this substance, unlike THC, cannot cause intoxication, CBD products are permitted in Germany. This opens up the possibility that more and more beauty manufacturers are using it for themselves because cannabidiol is said to have an anti-inflammatory effect.

With this new product in their repertoire, many cosmetic companies are now tackling old beauty problems anew. Nordic Cosmetics formulates its approach as follows: “Cosmetics of the highest quality rethought with effective CBD and powerful plant extracts – for results you can believe in.”

Outside of the beauty sector, CBD is particularly popular for its anti-anxiety and anti-cramping effects. CBD is supposed to help you against stress. At the same time, it should also be an effective means of strengthening your immune system.

This Is How The Miracle Cure Helps Against Hormonal Acne

Your skin cells have cannabinoid receptors, so they can directly absorb the CBD from a skincare product. The substance then influences various processes in the cells. As “Bunte.de” writes, one of the consequences of this is reduced sebum production. Combined with bacteria and inflammation, excess sebum is one of the key causes of acne.

The anti-inflammatory properties of the substance also fight acne. The redness goes back about quickly. In addition, cannabidiol also has an antibacterial effect. Your otherwise stressed skin can calm down again with the remedy.

In contrast to other treatments, many people like the care with a CBD serum because it does not interfere directly with the hormonal balance.

Not Just CBD: The Product From Nordic Cosmetics Is Also A Hyaluronic Acid

The products from Nordic Cosmetics are particularly effective because they combine the “newcomer” CBD with more well-known active ingredients. In the case of facial serum, this is about hyaluronic acid. The body’s substance, the concentration of which unfortunately decreases over the years, has been an all-purpose weapon in a wide variety of cosmetic products for several years. Above all, one property makes it so popular: hyaluronic acid can fix incredible amounts of liquid – just one gram of the substance is enough for up to six liters of water.

The “miracle acid” can do a lot more. Since it naturally occurs in your skin, immune reactions are extremely unlikely. The product is also suitable for more sensitive skin types. In addition, hyaluronic acid is rich in antioxidants, so it can make free radicals harmless. To put it more simply: with hyaluronic acid, you ensure that environmental influences do not additionally damage your already stressed skin.

Hyaluronic acid is also important for the formation of elastin and collagen. Both contribute to your skin becoming more resilient and fresher.

Alternative Remedies For Hormonal Acne

Since hormonal acne affects more than 80 percent of all people at some point in their life, there are, of course, a variety of treatment methods. Most of them complement the serum from Nordic Cosmetics perfectly. For example, you can counteract hormonal pimples by changing your diet. A Danish study found indications that cow’s milk can promote acne. And a diet that leads to a particularly high blood sugar level should also have a negative impact. Science now assumes that the insulin required then promotes stronger pimple formation.

But there is another very simple household remedy: If you notice pimples appear, you should cool the skin with ice cubes. The surrounding blood vessels constrict as a result of the cold. And that ultimately means: the pimple cannot get that big. In addition, redness is reduced.

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