How Many Calories Are There In These Foods?

Pizza, egg, chocolate bread, or avocado … If the daily intake for a woman is between 1,800 and 2,800 calories, some foods in our daily lives have more or less a good label. But how many calories do they really contain?

Also, find our table of calories to compare the caloric values ​​of foods between them.

Calories In A Croissant?

Like the pain au chocolat, the croissant panics nutritionists with its intake of 300 calories on average. Sugar and fat are therefore the best friends of this food, but much less of our body.

Calories In An Apple?

Natural antioxidant, the apple with its 54 calories is as good for the heart as for the line. When consumed throughout the day, its gradual digestion allows you to feel full and therefore avoid snacking.

Calories In An Avocado?

Fiber for digestion, vitamin C for the immune system, and vitamin B9 essential for cell renewal, that’s what makes up avocado, but not only that. This 360-calorie fruit is certainly rich, but it is very good for combating cardiovascular diseases, certain cancers, and diseases linked to aging.


Calories In A Baguette?

The baguette is generally used as an accompaniment to a dish but alone (250g), it already provides 700 calories especially in the form of carbohydrates. It is essential to our nutritional balance, especially in the morning because the baguette promotes concentration and good humor. If it doesn’t make you fat, it’s its association with high-calorie food that can play tricks on us.

Calories In An Egg?

For a medium chicken egg, it takes about 87 calories but the number varies according to its size and the way it is cooked. Thus, a boiled egg provides 146 calories, unlike a fried egg which has 91 and the scrambled egg 166.

Calories In A Chocolate Bread?

Pains Chocolates is very caloric since it takes an average of 300 calories for each of them but of course, their energy intake varies according to their recipe and their weight. In short, this food so good for morale is the enemy of nutritionists because it is too high in calories, too high in fat, and not very nutritious.

Calories In A Piece Of Sugar?

A lump of sugar provides the body with around 16 calories, but it is a food that should be limited both on its own and when it is “naturally” present in other products.


Calories In A Pizza?

Contrary to what one might think, pizza is not a so-called fast food dish and it is often less fatty than quiche. It all depends on what you put on it. Thus its calorie intake varies between 800 and 900 calories but the exact figure is difficult to know. However, a portion accompanied by raw vegetables will not hurt anyone.

Calories In A Beer?

For 100 ml, a beer provides about 40 calories but in a can, it turns more around 140 calories. In reality, it is the development of its flavor that will determine its number of calories and, contrary to popular belief, this alcoholic drink does not make you fat if it is consumed in moderation. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, beer is even beneficial against heart problems, stomach ulcers, and gallstones or kidney stones.

Calories In A Kebab?

Generally, the kebab is a very caloric dish and if we take into account the fries which accompany it can bring us up to 1000 calories. This dish is obviously not dietetic but it is without consequence in gaining weight if it is consumed in an exceptional way.


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