Facial Firmness: How To Avoid Sagging Skin

Around the age of 50, the slowdown in cell production and the hormonal changes linked to menopause modify the structure of the skin. Weakened, it loses its firmness, its elasticity. How do you clean a face to keep the skin firm properly? “ Whatever the age, removing makeup is a fundamental step that allows you to remove traces of makeup but also impurities (pollution, bacteria, etc.) which suffocate the skin surface,” Without this daily action, dead cells cannot be adequately eliminated, and new cells remain stuck.

The consequences weigh heavily on the skin: the cell renewal process is slowed down, and fibroblasts no longer produce enough collagen and elastin, the two proteins responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. For noticeable skin, you can also carry out a scrub adapted to your skin type once a week or a cosmetic peel, making sure to follow the frequency instructions indicated carefully. Its beautiful volumes sag.

How Do You Apply A Firming Cream That Stimulates Facial Skin?

One of the mistakes not to make when the skin is sagging is applying the same moisturizer that you used when you were 35-40 years old. “ Hydration is essential ,” recognizes Marie-Thérèse Bousquet. “ But, after a certain age, you also need to stimulate the skin .” Thus, the quest for firmness requires creams rich in active ingredients that promote cell renewal. Day and night, it’s time for treatments full of antioxidants like vitamin C. In addition to its lightening action, this miracle ingredient stimulates collagen synthesis. Just what we need!

“ The most powerful active ingredient is acidic vitamin A ,” continues Marie-Thérèse Bousquet. “But be careful, as great as it is, this molecule can be extremely irritating on certain skins .” Available only under medical prescription, acidic vitamin A is not recommended for people with thin, sensitive, or reactive skin. It is used with great caution: you start gradually by applying it two evenings a week in a minimal quantity to the cheeks, forehead, and chin. Depending on tolerance, the applications are closer together, the idea being to apply it every evening to obtain optimal results on all signs of aging.

If acidic vitamin A impresses, we fall back on its derivative: retinol. Less irritating, it can be applied more flexibly from the age of 45-50. Ideal as a serum, follow it with a rich moisturizing cream (with hyaluronic acid ) to counterbalance its somewhat “stripping” effects. Thanks to it, the fibroblasts responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastin awaken, and the skin gains better support, which stands the test of time.

What Exercises Naturally Tighten Facial Skin?

Behind sagging skin, some muscles lack tone and no longer perform their supporting role. As we practice sports sessions to strengthen our body, we take the time to stimulate the fifty small muscles that support our face regularly. In addition to restoring volumes, this stimulation will revive the activity of the numerous blood vessels around the muscles, thus recreating perfect conditions for the exchange of different tissues: the production of collagen and elastin is restarted, and the secretion of hyaluronic acid, too… Everything starts again!

In practice? Facial gymnastics consists of a series of muscle tension and relaxation movements for several seconds. For example, to combat a sagging facial oval, you can work on the digastric muscles by repeating the following exercise 10 times: press the tip of the tongue very firmly on the roof of your mouth for 5 seconds, then release.

To complement these exercises, regularly treating yourself to self-massage sessions when applying your cream can only do good for the skin! Circular movements, smoothing from the inside out, small pinches… All these gestures help to firm the skin naturally naturally but also drain and restart skin microcirculation. Perfectly oxygenated, the skin functions better, and its repair and regeneration mechanisms are boosted: the whole face benefits!

What Aesthetic Medicine Solutions Are Used For Firm Skin?

Aesthetic medicine offers exciting solutions for those who wish to go a step further in the fight against sagging skin. Dermatologist Marie-Thérèse Bousquet discusses radiofrequency in particular. The principle? This technique produces an electric current that will generate heat by passing through the dermis and hypodermis. This will have the effect of densifying and restructuring the deep dermis, perfect in cases of moderate skin sagging.

Another possible treatment is a medical facelift using High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). This method makes it possible to treat sagging of the forehead, temples, and the oval of the face even more effectively and destroy the fat cells that slide downward with age. Focused ultrasound acts through a powerful thermal effect that penetrates the deepest structures of the skin. Although a little painful, this technique remains the best alternative to facelift for harmoniously restoring facial volume.

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